What is Shandarian cosmology?

Shandarism has no belief or faith, it is adogmatic in essence. There is, however, a cosmology of Shandarism that replaces this missing belief and faith. This cosmology exposes the Shandarian view of existence, universe, life and its accomplishment. It is based on relative and temporary postulates that are updated as we progress in the discovery of the cosmos and its mysteries. These postulates are based on experience and observation. However, these may contain errors that will be corrected by the following updates. There is therefore no eternal or absolute truth in Shandarism.

The main mistake to avoid is to make these writings a dogma, a doctrine, an ideology. Because you would lock yourself in a sectarianism or even in a blind fanaticism. The result is that you would not progress further on the Shandarian way, but on the contrary, you would regress. Recalling that Shandarian thought is not closed, static or sectarian, but open, dynamic and evolutionary.

Shandarian cosmology is relatively complex and requires a certain level of consciousness, knowledge and intelligence to be fully understood in all its subtleties. Thus a word, an expression can have several meanings and definitions, a visible meaning and another invisible, occult and hidden meaning. In this way, full knowledge and understanding of shandarian cosmology requires that one is initiated. Otherwise said, to be shandarian.

I. The Cosmos, living entity

II. Universe, space and time

III. Galaxia and Solaria

IV. Gaia, planet earth

V. Force of life and Consciousness

VI. Matter and its forms

VII. Procreation, reproduction of matter

VIII. Bioenergetic Implantation

IX. Life in Universe

X. The Human species

XI. The Moira, self-realization

XII. Game of reality

XIII. Death is virtuality

XIV. The afterlife








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