Syntonism of frequency

What is called afterlife or «life after death» is nothing else than the mesonidatory phase. In other words, the phase between 2 nidations. Depending on your point of view, this phase will be called the before-life or the after-life. What determines life after death are not past thoughts or actions, whether good or bad, but the content of memory, vibratory frequency, and level of consciousness. From there, the lifeforce syntonizes in with its corresponding frequency/reality band to finally find in it.

In this process, syntonization generates the portation or teleportation of the lifeforce on a frequency band of similar dimension. This movement and displacement of a vibratory frequency/dimension to another may then be accompanied by a tunnel effect, but not always. The latter will then be manifested by the famous tunnel of light often observed during the NDE (Near Death Experience).

Once arrived at destination, the lifeforce will stay there more or less time depending on its state of being and what it has to do. From there, the latter will make with other lifeforces various activities serving to its development and preparation for its next nidation on a stellar system/center of life; or presence on the superior planes of the spectral zone.

Dimensions of mesonidatory phases

The mesonidatory phase is on the paraphysical plane. However, there is no dimension specifically reserved for this phase. In this sense, all the worlds and universes of the paraphysical plane can welcome a lifeforce between two nidation and thus serve as a place for the mesonidatory phase depending on the vibratory state and the level of consciousness of the latter.

From there, lifeforces with a low vibrational frequency will be found on the inferior and dense planes of the spectral zone. Conversely, lifeforces with a high vibratory frequency will be found on the superior and luminous planes. However, there is no question of hell or paradise. But only of a syntonism of frequency without there being criterion or moral judgment good or bad. Thus, there is no perdition or damnation possible in the cosmos. No matter what it did in its previous nidation, every consciousness goes there where it must go and be to self-realize and so continue its ascension towards the source of life.

Traps and deviations

However, it is not uncommon for entities to parasitize nidation cycles in their own interests. To do this, they use on the weakest and suggestible lifeforces the illusion and subterfuges to make a pact with them. The latter makes them look like a better life or a valuable spiritual help that does not have one. The gullible lifeforce is then swindled and signs this pact. So, lifeforce is deviated from its evolutive lines and its ascension towards the Source of Life in order to serve these entities as well as their interests. To avoid this kind of trap and deviation, the artificial transference of consciousness is preferable to natural transference. Why? For the simple reason that in an artificial transference, we control the process from A to Z, and thus we define ourselves what will be our next nidation and evolutive line resulting from it. What is not the case for the natural transference or we can become a prey for these parasites as well as their actions and deceptions.

No last judgment, neither hell nor divine punishment

Whatever you have done, good or bad, all this is just an experience for the cosmos. Cosmos does not judge, reward, or punish what we have done in our previous lives.

However, that doesn't mean that one can do anything and everything in total impunity. Remember you that we exist and act in living systems and all our thoughts and actions have an impact on them. Being interdependent with these same systems, it is inevitable that the effects of our thoughts and actions of destruction will come back to us like a wave with all the consequences for ourselves and the rest of the living system to which we are connected. Hence the interest of not doing anything and everything. In addition, the cosmos has natural laws, locks and thresholds of security preventing us from doing everything we want and so, prevent us from becoming a danger for others as for ourselves.

The last judgments and divine chastisements are systems of reality that exist only in the religious egregores of this planet. This is to keep control of their geese. They are by no means the right reflection of the actual functioning of the cosmos. In other words, you will not be punished in the afterlife for committing such and such actions. Because for the cosmos, it's only an experience of reality. Nothing else. There is neither good nor bad in this. Good and bad is an invention of man, a value judgment that doesn't exist in nature. If a lion hunts a gazelle and wounds it to death, will the lion be punished after its death for doing so? Only the guilt and remorse of your actions will make you suffer and not some higher power, real or supposed.

Moiraic Update

The mesonidatory phase will also be a phase in which the lifeforce will determine a new destination and memory scheme for its next nidation. This process is called «Moiraic update» because it updates the Moira by giving it new data and instructions. From there, everything will depend on the context. Whether it is a natural transference or an artificial transference.

    ➤ In the case of a natural transference of consciousness, the Moiraic update will be ordered by an evolutionary imperative, a pact made with other entities, an emotion (love, guilt, etc.) or by a need to be filled.

    ➤ In the case of an artificial transference of consciousness, the Moiraic update will be ordered by the lifeforce itself or its energy-consciousness/egregore group to which it belongs.

Continuity of the nidatory cycle

Once the Moiraic update completed, the lifeforce can continue its nidation cycle with a new transfer of consciousness on the same stellar system or another according to its vibratory level and consciousness, as well as life and experiences of which it needs to do for the rest of its evolution. Which will feed its memory with knowledge and experience to rise in vibration and consciousness.

In this sense, the more the knowledge and experiences of existence and the cosmos accumulate, the more the range of choices of realization and of being in the afterlife increases. Because this accumulation generates a widening of the consciousness field as well as an increase of the vibratory frequency which opens the door to new opportunities and capacities whose lifeforce did not have before. It becomes better and more able to self-realize and progress in its ascension towards the Source of life.

The lifeforce can thus continue its nidatory cycle towards existences and states of consciousness always more superior to the preceding ones and giving it always more capacities and possibilities than before.

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