What is the Cosmos?

In Shandarian thought, the Cosmos (Κοσμος) is all of what was, is, and will be. There is nothing outside this one. The cosmos is therefore omnipotent. This "all" is at the same time information and a conscious, alive and intelligent energy expressed in the dual form of wave and particle having several vibratory densities. These waves and particles are organized together to form a hologram segmenting and expressing itself in all its possible forms and variants simultaneously. The different vibratory densities in which are present its forms and holographic variants allow them to coexist together. The Cosmos has the sole purpose of being to exist in all its forms in a conscious manner in the absolute, of which the various holographic variants of its forms are the manifestation of it.

Difference between Cosmos and Universe In Shandarism, we make a difference between the cosmos and the universe. The Cosmos is the conscious, intelligent and vibratory of all it is. While the universe is the set of planets, stars and galaxies. It is the physical materialization of the cosmos.

The architecture of the Cosmos

The architecture of the cosmos is an energetic and vibratory structure expressed by a spectrum of frequency and wave conscious and intelligent. This energy and its spectrum of frequency form 2 interconnected planes and communicating together which are the plane of source and the plane of emergence.

The plane of source (Πηγή Σχέδιο)

The source plane contains the very source of the cosmos. A living, conscious, intelligent and neutral sphere of light that contains all the memory and life of the universe. This sphere of light, we call it the Source of life (Πηγή της ζωής). In its structure, the source of life consists of 2 planes which are the metaphysical plane and the para-metaphysical plane. The metaphysical plane is formed of a conscious and living plasma nucleus containing the memory of the universe also called Akashic Records among Theosophists. Around this core is formed a radiative zone through which light radiation is emitted. This radiative zone constitutes the para-metaphysical plane. The luminous radiation is here called the light of life (Φως της ζωής) which is diffused through the emergence plane of the cosmos. As a result, the light of life is the form and energetic manifestation of the source plane on the plane of emergence. This is the same light that has been observed many times by many experimenters during NDE (Near Death Experience) and astral projections in the upper vibratory planes of the cosmos. There is, however, a mistake not to be made about the Source of Life. It's to believe falsely that cosmos would be the creation of the latter. This is totally false, since the cosmos is not its creation, but its manifestation in its vibratory expressions. In other words, the cosmos is the continuum of the source of life and not a distinct and separate entity.

The plane of emergence (Εμφάνιση Σχέδιο)

The plane of emergence is the cosmos itself. The latter is composed of two planes which are the paraphysical plane and the physical plane.

The paraphysical plane

The paraphysical plane is a purely vibratory zone in which the memory of the universe is translated and expressed. It is parallel transcendent to the physical plane. The paraphysical plane is a «density field». This density field is organized to form the spectral zone. This spectral zone is nothing else than what the traditions call the astral world as well as the beyond. In other words, it's in this spectral zone that we go after death or in which we project ourselves during astral journeys. The spectral zone is composed in a wave and light spectrum forming frequency bands (Ζώνη συχνοτήτων). The origin of this luminous spectrum comes from the light of life of the source plane diffusing directly on this plane of emergence. Frequency bands with long wavelengths constitute the superior planes. Conversely, the frequency bands having short wavelengths constitute the inferior planes.

The superior planes are composed of waves of long lengths. These waves are spacious, bright and fusional spaces. The closer we approach the para-metaphysical plane, the more the density contained in its superior planes becomes weaker and weaker until it reaches a state equivalent to the zero gravity of space. The present time expands to create a momentum of eternity.

The inferior planes are composed of waves of short lengths. These waves are cramped spaces, dark and dividing to varying degrees. The closer you get to the physical plane, the denser the density of its planes becomes until it reaches a state of complete gravity. Time is also compressed. A temporal compression generating momentums faster and faster. In other words, the more we down in the inferior planes, the faster the time goes.

The physical plane

The physical plane is parallel-transcendental on the paraphysical plane. That's to say, it is at the same time parallel while interpenetrating itself in the paraphysical plane. It is through this interpenetration that the plans communicate with each other. The physical plane contains the universe as we observe and know it. The latter is composed of 2 pillars which are the space-time continuum containing the dimensional tissue and the energy-matter actum containing the planets, stars and galaxies vibrating on the frequency of the dimensions composing the dimensional tissue.

1) The dimensional tissue

The dimensional tissue is composed of a myriad dimension interconnected with each other whose arrangement is defined as in the diagram below.

Each dimension is interdependent with its neighbor while vibrating on a carrier frequency of its own. The fact that the dimension has its own frequency makes possible to maintain its structural integrity by preventing the neighboring dimensions (vibrating on other frequencies) from penetrating its cosmoplasm.

2) The Dimension

In this tissue, each dimension is a cell of the physical universe. These dimensions are composed of an internal space called in Shandarism cosmoplasm and a membrane of protective energy, the dimensional membrane.

Cosmoplasm contains a universe composed of a space-time continuum and an energy-matter actum. They house all the planets, stars and galaxies as we know them today. The set oscillating on different wavelengths. These wavelengths generate at their turn a fragmentation and compartmentalization of the universe that will give rise to several worlds and universes interpenetrating each other. Together, these form what are commonly called «parallel universes». The whole then returning the following cosmic architecture:

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