Devitalization and recycling of the life-matter

Today, we no longer speak of biological death, but of devitalization and recycling of the receptacle of life. Which is much closer to the reality of the phenomenon. And for good reason, death is only an optical illusion, a virtual reality. In the cosmos, nothing dies, everything is transformed as the matter of life which composes the biological envelope as the force of life, its memory and its conscience. The function of the devitalization and recycling of the receptacle of life is to create an ecological place by recycling the bio-matter become useless to prepare the arrival of one or more new bio-generescence and thus to perpetuate the work process of the lifeforce in universe.

I. Devitalization of the life receptacle

When the receptacle of life is no longer able to contain the lifeforce and its consciousness for various reasons (accident, disease, aging, etc.), there is a rupture of communication between the cells composing the tissues of the organs. This break between the cells affects at its turn the energetic structure or «bio-photonic» which then begins to degrade by fray and eventually dissolve. Which is reflected by domino effect on the cohesion between the bio-photonic and psionic fields. In this cascading process, the cohesion between the bio-photonic and psionic fields of the lifeforce is no longer maintained and collapses. This bioenergetic collapse thus pushes the lifeforce to desynchronize, then disconnect and separate from its carnal envelope. This is the devitalization of the receptacle of life.

For its part, having no viable bio-photonic energy to feed the biological life of the receptacle, the vital functions of the latter eventually lower their frequencies until completely extinguished. It's death. From there, can begin the recycling of the life-matter of the receptacle that it composes.

II. Recycling of the life receptacle

Once definitively devitalized, the receptacle of life can begin to be recycled by the forces of the cosmos through the process of systemic cannibalism (Συστημική ανθρωποφαγία). For humans, this recycling has 3 phases which are transformation, decomposition and skeletonization

    ➤ The first phase is the transformation (Μετασχηματισμός). After the final cessation of vital functions, the biological receptacle prepares for its recycling by a transformation of its tissues. Which will then manifest by a cadaverous hypostasis (lividity), cadaveric rigidity, a drop in body temperature and a pallor of the corpse. Finally, a mydriasis (dilation of the pupil of the eye) followed by opacification of the cornea will appear.

    ➤ The second phase is decomposition (Θανατόμορφωσε). This phase is the process by which the forces of the cosmos recycle the organic matter of the receptacle. In this process, the immune system having collapsed with the devitalization and the cessation of vital functions, the bacteria naturally present in the digestive system have the free field to begin their work of decomposition of the corpse biological architecture. There appear the green putrefaction, then black putrefaction accompanied by abdominal bloating and smell of rotting meat.

    ➤ The third and last phase is the skeletonisation phase (Σκελετόποίηση). This phase is marked by the decomposition of non-bone tissues and fats (saponification), thus generating a «butyric fermentation». Which is followed by the desiccation (dehydration) of the corpse to eventually lead to its skeletal transformation after a few months or years.

At last, it must know that a receptacle of life that devitalizes healthily, decomposes healthily. Conversely, a receptacle that devitalizes ill or infected decomposes badly. In addition, some viruses remain active for a few weeks after death. This is the case of the HIV virus, Hepatitis B and C as well as Cholera. This is why when a body devitalizes following a viral infection, it must be very careful about the physical contact one have with the latter and its handling (transport, autopsy, etc.).

Transference of conscious-energy

Once desynchronized from its biological receptacle, the lifeforce can continue its progression towards the Source of life. From there, it is made a transfer of consciousness and energy from the physical plane to the frequency band corresponding to its vibratory state located on the paraphysical plane. Then, it will enter its mesonidatory phase in which will update its memory, consciousness and vibratory frequency in order to prepare it for its next nidation; or progression towards the superior planes of the spectral zone. This mesonidatory phase may also be accompanied by a pause time whose duration will vary according to the forces of life. In other words, it will remain a certain time in the paraphysical plane before resuming its next nidation.

Transfer interference

However, it is not uncommon that in some cases, memory, state of consciousness, emotions, vibratory frequency and even addictions can interfere with the transfer process. In this very specific case, the lifeforce does not transfer any energy or consciousness. It stays here, on this physical plane. We will then speak of «ghost» or poltergeist if the lifeforce contains discordant/toxic energies that the latter needs to discharge.

The « Guides of life »

It may also happen that the consciousness of the deceased is awaited by other consciousnesses. This can be a friend, a deceased parent or even an «guide». What believers also call angels. This Guide of life (Συνοδός) will then accompany the deceased to his syntonized frequency band in the spectral zone. But this consciousness can also reassure him, calm his fears about what awaits him in the afterlife, to help him pass on the other side.

Death is virtuality

In the cosmos, nothing dies, everything is transformed. To understand it, one must start from the observation that all that exists in the universe and the universe itself is life energy. In this sense, the matter of life structured as a biological receptacle is nothing else than compressed life energy. Once its lifecycle is over, matter is recycled by the forces of the cosmos through a process of systemic cannibalism to generate a new form of matter. It's the same for planets, stars and galaxies, even if the process in the form changes, the bottom (which is recycling) does not change. As a result, nothing dies, everything is transformed in the cosmos.

Starting from this principle and observation, death is only an optical illusion in the materiality and a virtuality in the energy and its consciousness

Thus for the consciousness of the universe, what is called «death» is nothing else than a vast field of virtual reality in which we project our own desires as our own fears. But also our collective mental creations that are materialized under the form of consensual worlds. In this sense, death is related to lucid dream and astral journey in which we evolve and progress to realize ascension towards the Source of everything, the source of life. In the end, death is only virtuality ...

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