The matter of life

When in the actum energy-matter, the energy of life is compressed, it becomes matter called here the Matter of life (Υλικό της ζωής). According to its information, its destiny and the influence of its environment, this matter becomes mineral, vegetable or organic. In this sense, the matter of life is nothing else than condensed and structured energy generating an «objectified/densified» hologram commonly called: monocellular and multicellular organism. It is an instrument of the lifeforce and its consciousness allowing it to be present and act in denser frequency bands of the spectral zone. So, matter is a tool of transformation and evolution of the lifeforce participating in its ascension towards the Source of life.

Compartmentation of the life matter

In the beginning, the energy of life (Ενέργεια της ζωής) compresses to form particles of matter vibrating on different frequencies. Then these particles connect to each other to form carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) atoms bonded together. A bond generating organic compounds. These compounds will then assemble together to form 4 biomolecules constituting the nucleic bases of life, including:


From there, adenine connects to thymine (A-T or T-A) and guanine connects to cytosine (G-C or C-G) through a hydrogen bond. All connected by a skeleton composed of phosphates and deoxyribose (sugar) in the form of double helix: deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. This double helix is composed of 2 biochemical memory segments that are the exons and introns. Exons are the coding DNA. This coding DNA is the biochemical memory from which the living matter can replicate itself. Introns are the non-coding DNA. This non-coding DNA is the biochemical reserve memory providing the genetic information from which the living matter can update, transform and evolve.

It's from these biochemical memories that all the matter of life will be generated and organized on microcosmic and macrocosmic planes of the universe.

Microcosmic planes

The microcosmic planes form what is called the microcosm Μικρόκοσμος. That's to say the planetary environment in which the lifeforce and its lifematter is present and evolves. This microcosm is composed of 9 planes, each plane being used as the basis for the next plane. These 9 microcosmic planes are segmented into bio-levels I and II.

Bio-level I: Sub-microcosm

  • The cellular plane: the matter of life is structured and organized in cells around DNA
  • The bio-tissular plane: the cells are structured and organized in biological tissue
  • The organic plane: the biological tissues are structured and organized into organs
  • The bio-systemic plane: organs are structured and organized in biosystems
  • The bio-compartmental plane: the biosystems are structured and organized in biocompartiments (living organisms)

Bio-level II: Microcosm

  • The bio-groupal plane: the bio-compartments are structured and organized in a bio-group (breeds, species)
  • The eco-systemic plane: the bio-groups are structured and organized in an ecosystem
  • The biomic plane: the eco-systemic structure and organize in biomes
  • The biosphere plane: biomes are structured and organized in the biosphere

Macrocosmic planes

The macrocosmic planes form what is called the macrocosm Μακρόκοσμος. That's to say, the extra-planetary environment in which the lifeforce and its life-matter is present and evolves. This macrocosm is composed of 6 planes:

    ➤ The bio-planetary plane: the biospheres are structured and organized on the planets making them living organisms

    ➤ The bio-stellar plane: bio-planetary systems are structured and organized in bio-stellar systems

    ➤ The bio-galactic plane: bio-stellar systems are structured and organized in bio-galactic systems

    ➤ The bio-universal plane: bio-galactic systems are structured and organized in bio-universal systems

    ➤ The bio-dimensional plane: the bio-universal systems are structured and organized in bio-dimensional/Quantum systems

    ➤ The bio-cosmic plane: the bio-dimensional/Quantum systems are structured and organized on the physical and paraphysical planes of the cosmos

The set of microcosm and macrocosm as well as their planes and strata translate the cosmos into a mega-giga living organism.

The actum Consciousness - energy - matter

In the actum consciousness/energy/matter, the lifeforce carries with it the information of life while the matter of life fixes it on its biomolecules serving as memory. The lifeforce uses the biochemical memories composing the DNA introns and exons to update the lifematter and thus to evolve it. In exchange, the matter of life serves as an instrument for the lifeforce and its consciousness for its evolution/ascension on the spectral zone of the emergence plane. According to the frequency of the compressed energy, the force and the energy of life will be present and evolve in the different dimensions and parallel universes of the physical plane.

The interaction between consciousness, energy and matter leads to the conscientization of matter and the materialization of consciousness.

In the conscientization of matter, energy as well as its lifeforce conscientize the matter. Conscientized, it becomes «matter of life». Finally, in the materialization of consciousness, the matter of life becomes the translation and expression of the lifeforce in materiality.

Cycle & evolution of the life matter

To continue to exist, the matter of life must improve by strengthening itself through an evolutionary process segmented into 3 phases which are the generescence, the expression and the degenerescence.

In its phase of generescence Γέννηση , the matter of life is synthesized from a process of reproduction according to the instructions contained in biochemical memories prior to this one. At the end of the process, a copy of these memories is expressed in materiality through its own generescence.

In its phase of expression Εκφραση, the generated matter of life expresses the information contained in its biochemical memories through their transmissions in a process of improved copy of the latter translated into materiality.

In its phase of degenerescence Εκφυλισμός, arrived at the end of its bio-obsolescence, the matter of life degenerates slowly until the exhaustion of its biochemical stocks and functionalities. Thus, it gradually loses its integrity and dynamism. No longer having the integrity and dynamism to exist, the lifeforce is released, leaving the matter of life to become a biological waste.

To allow this evolutive cycle to do this, the matter of life is divided into 3 functional groups. We thus find 3 biological groups that are the producers, consumers and decomposers. The producer group (Παραγωγός) produces the matter of life through the creation of its bio-compartments (organisms). The consumer group (Καταναλωτής) consumes them by thus regulating the production. Finally, the decomposer group (Αποσυνθέτες) decomposes the bio-compartments into biomaterials used in the renewal of the life-matter by the producer group.

This is a process here called systemic cannibalism (Συστημική ανθρωποφαγία). That's to say, the matter of life is nourished by the matter of life.

Systemic cannibalism has the function of:

  • Eliminate the weakest/defective bio-groups and bio-compartments
  • Free ecological niches for the emergence of new bio-groups
  • Renew biological material (matter of life)

Life & living beings

Life (Ζωή) is the manifestation resulting from the interaction between the lifeforce and the matter of life. This manifestation is characterized then by 3 things which are: a radiance which vivifies the matter of life, a consciousness which allows the matter of life to be and an intention which fulfills the matter of life. This life or manifestation is expressed on 2 sides. A visible side which is that of the life-matter and another invisible side, which is that of the energy, the force of life. In other words, life exists on two levels simultaneously. The physical and visible plane for the matter of life and the paraphysical plane, invisible for the lifeforce. From there, the energy or "force" of life present on the paraphysical/invisible plane vivifies, influences and directs the matter of life on the physical/visible plane.

The vivified matter thus becomes a living being. A living being is an automaton, a puppet of mineral, vegetable or organic composition placed under the mental and energetic control of the lifeforce that inhabits it. This mineral or biological automaton is then used by the lifeforce as instrument and medium allowing the latter to progress in its evolution and ascension in the spectral zone of cosmos.

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