Psychic and energetic activity

The accomplishment of the Moira is a psychic (consciential) and energetic (vibratory) activity organized around a nidation cycle located on stellar systems/centers of life of the universe. In this sense, the universe with its planets, stars and galaxies constitute the environment of this organized activity and governed by the natural physical and para-physical laws of the cosmos. Thus the cosmos and its web become for the lifeforce and its consciousness a holographic/virtual web with variable frequency and density in which the latter can self-realize in order to make ascension towards the Source of life.

Reality Game (Παιχνίδι της πραγματικότητας)

This psychic and energetic activity is structured in a game of reality. That's to say a set of 4 pieces communicating, interacting and working together in a consistent manner. These 4 pieces are the experimental field, the experimental actum, the experiment and the experiencer.

    ➤ Experimental field (Πειραματικό πεδίο) is the operational space composed of the universe with its planets, stars and galaxies as well as its different dimensions in which the lifeforce experiences reality in order to accomplish its Moira. The experimental field is structured by 2 natural elements of the universe which are the space-time continuum and the energy-matter actum.

    ➤ Experimental actum (Πειραματική πράξη) is the action creating the experience. It is executed by the experiencer in the experimental field by following a protocol in 5 major phases which are presence, induction, observation, understanding and validation.

    ➤ Experiment of reality (Η εμπειρία της πραγματικότητας) is defined as being a quantum state (Q) in which the lifeforce (Δ) interacts with the holographic web (H) in order to produce a result (R). The latter has 2 levels of experience that are BEING and ACCOMPLISHING. The simple fact of BEING is already an experience in itself. However, it is only a basic experience that must be developed and completed by the ACCOMPLISHING.

    ➤ Experiencer (Πειραματιστής) is the lifeforce nestled in a biological receptacle that creates the experience (experimenter) and lives this one in the experimental field. Experience lived that the latter needs to complete its Moira.

Using the reality game

We use the game of reality for the accomplishment of the Moira. Depending on the vibratory degree and consciousness of the lifeforce, this environment will be located in a stellar system/center of life for the inferior frequencies. But also at midway, transiting between dimensions, universe and parallel realities for the superior frequencies of the spectral zone.

From there, everything will be put in place at the scheduled time and in the scheduled place according to a pre-established plan so that the lifeforce can accomplish its Moira. Then, lifeforce will create the experiences of reality that it needs to self-realize and so make its ascension towards the Source of life. In this sense, there are no good or bad experiences of reality. Because all the experiences and encounters we make have meaning and are there to improve us. Experience itself is subject to codes/principles/law that can be natural (laws of the cosmos). Or artificial, obeying rules put in place by entities and egregores controlling the experimental field/dimension.

To facilitate, master and optimize the accomplishment of the Moira in the game of reality, we use knowledge and tools, including:

  • Scientific knowledge (Physics, biology, psycho)
  • Nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, informatics and cognitive sciences (NBIC)
  • Psycho-technology (Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Psychokinesis, etc.)
  • Electronic/Quantum & Etheric Technologies (Machinery, Equipment & Tools)

At last, this reality game has several vibratory levels corresponding to stellar systems and centers of life. These same stellar systems then constitute stellar laboratories in which the lifeforce performs its nidation cycles on a frequency band corresponding to its level of consciousness. When the latter finishes a nidation cycle to open another one, it changes of stellar system/vibratory plane adapted to its new level of frequency thus progressing to its Source.

Adversity, problems and obstacles

Adversity, problems and obstacles all have their uses and functions in the ascension of the lifeforce.

    ➤ Adversity acts as a counterforce that forces the lifeforce to become stronger and more resilient in order to be able to progress towards its Source.

    ➤ Problems are life equations to solve, pushing the lifeforce to find answers and solutions for its evolution towards superior levels of consciousness and existence.

    ➤ Obstacles are hardship that test the ability of the lifeforce to be realized and become better to continue its ascension.

Success and failure

Success is the achievement of what one undertakes and which is realized through the accomplishment of its Moira and self-realization. This achievement is here the reward of the efforts undertaken. As for failure, it is not the opposite of success, but a part of its process. Because it's through failure that we learn how to succeed and therefore, how to achieve success in a complete and authentic self-realization. Which requires self-mastery, discipline, discernment and perseverance and not blindness and obstinacy.

Happiness and misfortune

The human seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Happiness is an emotional state of this pleasure whereas misfortune is the emotional state of this misfortune. When we're looking for happiness, we only focus on this emotional state that ends up blocking our evolution and ascension into the cosmos. This is why it is useless to make happiness a goal of life while avoiding misfortune, but rather to use these 2 emotional states during our experiences of reality in order to grow and progress towards the Source of life.


Sin and evil do not exist. On the other hand, there is the hybris (Υβρις). Hybris is here the name given to the behaviors that lead the lifeforce nestled in its receptacle to have mental attitudes and behaviors unconformity with a given situation. From there, the hybris generates situations and states of blockage and imbalance affecting the lifeforce and the accomplishment of its Moira. But that can also affect the environment in which the effects of the hybris are manifested.

Enter and exit the reality game

In the inferior vibratory planes of the spectral zone, the entry into the reality game is done by the process of nidation/vitalization of the lifeforce in its receptacle of life. Conversely, the exit from the reality game is the process of devitalization of this same biological receptacle.

In the superior vibratory planes of the spectral zone, the entry into the reality game is done by the process of teleportation of the lifeforce in the dimension by syntonizing its frequency with the latter. Then the exit of the game of reality is done by the opposite process. Namely the desyntonization of the lifeforce from its experimental frequency.

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