Human species

Located on Gaia, the third planet of Solaria, the human species is a bio-group whose genomic information is defined by the following bio-properties: A cranial box of 1100 to 1700 cm3, vertebrate having 4 members with 5 fingers at the ends (4 fingers and 1 opposable thumb), flat nails. An adult size between 1,40m and 2m and an average weight is about 80kg. A skin color of a large variety (black, brown, beige or very light pink). And a hairiness consisting of a down (very fine hair) covering the whole body, the presence of hair on the head and a concentration of hair in the armpits and genitals.

Biogenesis of Humans

The human species is the third link in the evolutive chain of specific hominidae called the «homo». Homos are defined by 5 main characteristics of their own, including: a permanent bipedalism, a developed cranial volume, a social and cultural activity, a capacity for conceptualization and creation and use of the tool.

This evolutive chain of homos is defined as:

Homo habilis (Ηομο ηαβιλις): lived between 2.4 to 1.6 million years ago. Its size was between 1.15 to 1.30 m with a weight of 30 to 40 kg. His cranial capacity ranged from 550 to 680 cm3. His intelligence allowed him to master the fire and the elements of his environment as tools.

Homo erectus (Χόμο Ερέκτους): lived between 1.9 and 500 million years ago. Its size was between 1.50m to 1.65m with a weight ranging from 45 to 55kg. His cranial capacity was between 850 and 1100 cm3. His intelligence allows him to make his own tools.

Homo sapiens (Χόμο σαπιενς): he lived from -195 000 years until now. Its average size is between 1.55 and 1.70m with a weight ranging from 50 to 70kg. His cranial capacity is about 1500cm3. His intelligence allows him to perfect the manufactured tools left by his predecessor homo erectus.

The bio-transition from one link to another

The bio-transition from one link to another passes through the creator complex (Δημιουργος) which is:

  • intervened at each link for its evolution
  • has partially modified the life-code of the link
  • has monitored and managed the evolution of the link

It is thus a creative and evolving process that connects and links creationism and evolutionism. Contrary to what some believe, there is no opposition between creationism and evolutionism, but complementarity.

The creator complex

The creator complex is the association of 3 extraterrestrial bio-groups, including: insectoids (Ακρίδος), reptilian (Ερπετοειδή) and grey (Γκρι) (Γκρι).

The letter A for the biological group of Insectoids. The letter Ε for the Reptilian biological group. The letter Γ for the biological group of Grey

The term «complex» is used here because their associations constitute a set of interrelated elements and «creator» because they are the creators of the human species.

The human receptacles of the lifeforce

Human bodies or «human biological envelopes» are nothing else than bio-compartments temporarily used as receptacles/biological instrument by lifeforces issued from various frequency bands/dimensions of the spectral zone. In this sense, these forces of life and their consciences project, nest and vitalize this receptacle. Then accomplishing their Moiras, they use the latter as media and natural biological computer communicating and interacting on this physical plane. Finally, once terminated, they devitalize the human receptacle which decomposes to become an organic waste. Waste that will be recycled into the process of systemic cannibalism (Συστημική ανθρωποφαγία) of the life-matter.

Human biological envelopes have a sexual dimorphism inscribed in their codes of life. Which is expressed in materiality by a biological form male and female.

    ➤ The male biological form is characterized by the presence in his genetic structure of an X and Y (XY) chromosome. This chromosome programs, establishes and then directs the development of masculine biological attributes. Namely a square morphology, flat breasts, an external genitalia and a deep voice. It is the receptacle transmitting the lifeforce.

    ➤ The female biological form is characterized by the presence in her genetic structure of two X (XX) chromosomes. This chromosome programs, establishes and then directs the development of feminine biological attributes. Namely, a more refined morphology than masculine form, developed breasts, a larger pelvis than man in order to facilitate delivery, internal genital system and sharper voice than the male. It is the receiving receptacle of the lifeforce.

The male and female biological form are not opposed, but complementary to each other in their existences and functions on the plane of matter and its forms. In this way, it must know that the male and female biological envelope own their own vibratory frequency. The presence and action of these frequencies of the matter participate in the functioning and homeostasis of life in materiality.

Evolution and disappearance of homo sapiens

Following the evolutive process of life-matter and biochemical memory (MVb > MVb+ > MVb++ > MVb+++ > MVb++++), the human species will continue to evolve through its reproductive chain. Thus progressing from generation to generation, the human species will gradually transform/mutate until completely replace homo sapiens or «modern man» by a new biogenetic and vibratory version of himself. There will appear little by little a biological and vibratory version more in adequation with the frequency level of the future nestings of the lifeforce.

In this sense, it must be understood that there will be no disappearance of the human, but only an update of his information and biogenetic energy expressed through a new vibratory, biological and morphological form. As for the old forces of life which occupied these receptacles, either they will accompany this update, or they will go and project themselves into other receptacles of life more appropriate to their acquired vibratory levels.

Therefore, we must not see the disappearance of homo sapien as the pure and simple end of the human species, but only as its transformation into a new variant more adapted to the nidatory cycles of the lifeforce and by extension, to the vibratory state changes of Gaia to come. In this context, there is no destructive or apocalyptic process, but an evolution through the renewal of the matter of life in a new and improved version of itself.

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