Life in the universe

Life in the universe is the manifestation on the physical plane of the lifeforce. To understand this manifestation, it is necessary to start from the observation that the universe, its space-time, its energy and its matter are entirely alive. In other words, life is not limited to the presence of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, but goes far beyond. Moreover, if you practice astral projection, you have seen that everything vibrated, everything lived. Which is quite logical since the universe has been synthesized on the physical plane of the cosmos from the energy/light of life. From there, the life of the universe and in the universe is manifested and expressed in 2 forms that are the active expression and the passive expression of life.

    ➤ The passive expression of life is what is invisible to our eyes and whose sleepers are unaware. This form is the inanimate form of life, although it is not just in appearance. It is the stellar space, the planets, stars and galaxies.

    ➤ The active expression of life is what is visible to us and of which we are all aware. This form is the animated form of life. It's the life-matter and its bio-compartmentation in which the lifeforce projects and nests to continue its nidatory cycles.

The passive expression of life

The passive expression of life is based on the invisible vibrations of the physical plane. It manifests itself in 2 forms which are the compressed and uncompressed form.

The uncompressed manifestation of life is the sidereal emptiness. The latter is composed of life-energy translation into materiality that are the particles of emptiness (Σωματίδια του κενού). These both conscious and living translations together form a living energy field. From there, this field of living energy has its own intention. Which intention is expressed through its undulations and movements in space.

The compressed manifestation of life are stellar systems (planets and stars). Product of the compression of life-energy, the planets and stars as well as the stellar systems are just as conscious and alive. The latter thus express their vitalisms through their intentions. An intention that manifests in their circular, elliptical, heliocentric and parabolic displacements and orbital movements whose gravitational force is the visible driving force.

The entire sidereal emptiness as well as stellar systems bind and communicate with each other. Together, their connections and interactions form an ecosystem at once spatial and stellar in which uncompressed form acts as a carrier force to the compressed form of life.

The active expression of life

The active expression of life is translated by «life presence» and «life realization» of the matter.

I. The presence of life is, as its name suggests, the existence of life-matter in which nest the lifeforce. However, this presence of biological life is not necessarily based on the presence of heat, water and oxygen. In this sense, many forms of life have appeared on other planets and stellars systems in environments without heat, water or oxygen. So, the earthly model based on the presence of water is not the only and unique model of life existing in the universe.

II. The realization of life is the expression of the life-energy in materiality. This expression is achieved through constructions and infrastructures that put together forms civilizations. These civilizations are thus considered as artificial extensions of life-energy nested in matter. But extensions also have a life and a conscience. It's thus an artificial life in its passive expression. These civilizations are created according to the levels of consciousness, frequency and scientific and technological capacity of the life-energies. Thus, these realizations will not necessarily be cities with freeway systems. It can also be rudimentary structures like hives built for bees or an anthill built by ants. In this sense, a civilization does not necessarily imply the characteristics that one gives to human civilizations. For example, an anthill is already a micro-civilization in itself, no offense to some.

Zoology of the universe

Each stellar system present in each of the galaxies in the universe and its various dimensions is a life-center in which the lifeforce nests in order to express its full potential and progress towards its source.

To be able to make its ascension towards the Source of life, the lifeforce must experience the reality of matter in all its possible forms of existence. In this way, the matter of life must exist in its multiplicity of form. A multiplicity of form generating various bio-groups resulting in a biodiversity present in all life-centers the universe. Thus, each of these stellar systems/life-centers constitutes a natural matrix generating the matter of life in which the lifeforce can project and nest according to its evolutive needs.

Zoological gardens

These natural matrixes with their environments then constitute «zoological gardens». These zoological gardens are essentially composed of 4 levels, each level constitutes a basis for the following level.

    1) Mineralia, is composed of a mineral life, rocky and crystalline serving as base to the second degree which is:

    2) Micro-organisma, composed of a microscopic life with bacteria; viruses, protozoa, unicellular algae and fungi ... which serves as the basis for the 3rd degree which is:

    3) Vegetalia, composed of vegetal-life forming the flora of ecosystems such as small plants with seeds, flower, but also lignified plants and trees. These last serve as a basis for the 4th degree which is:

    4) Organica, composed of organic living matter such as small, medium and large sized vertebrate and invertebrate mammals.

To understand the different lifeforms existing in the universe and its stellar systems, we must start from the observation that there exists at the base some the biological codes multiplied in an unknown number of variants. Which variants are stocked in the memory of the universe and then materialized in materiality to give birth to bio-groups both near and far in all galaxies. The result is that lifeforms present on other worlds are also on Gaia, but expressed in other biogenetic configuration and having followed other evolutionary paths than those of this planet. For example, we have extraterrestrial reptilian races as we find iguanas on earth. We find extraterrestrial mantis as we find mantis on earth. We find tall blond alien as we find Nordic humans on Earth. Finally, there are also more "exotic" breeds that have no equivalence on Gaia.

The cosmic hierarchy

This zoology of the universe is organized and operates in a cosmic hierarchy based on the vibratory levels of consciousness of the cosmos. Which are expressed in materiality/physical plane by biological and cultural (scientific, technological) levels.

We thus find the following cosmic hierarchy:

Vibration level Consciousness Density of matter Culture based
Long wavelength Supraconsciousness Etheric Etheric
Average wavelength Hyperconsciousness Plasmic Energy
Short wavelength Consciousness Amorphic Matter-energy
Small wavelength Unconscious Solid Matter

Stellar Communications & Exchange

The communication and the exchanges between several civilizations of the cosmos depend directly on their levels of consciousness and vibratory frequency. Thus, in order to communicate with each other, two civilizations must have a homogeneity relative to their levels of consciousness and frequency. As a result, contact, communication and exchange become possible only at a level of consciousness/frequency equal or comparable.

Cycle of vitalization of the universe

In order for the universe to remain alive, it must vivify and revive itself permanently. This vivification thus forms a cycle called the cycle of vitalization or revitalization (according to the point of view) of the universe. The vitalization of the universe is the process by which the universe becomes alive and making of it a living giga-mega-organism whose fractal compartments constitute its cells.

This process of vitalization passes through two complementary paths: the vivification from above and the vivification from below.

The vivification from above (Ζωογονά A) is the continuum of the process of materialization of consciousness. Initially this phase of conscious materialization produces the creation of the universe. Its continuum is the creation of the life-matter present in this same universe previously created. The term «from above» is used because it comes from the plane of consciousness and universal memory above our heads. This is called «the natural creation of the cosmos». However, this vivification from above poses a problem. Indeed, it limits the bio-genesis of life to microbes and other bacteria. It requires the intervention of a second way, called «from below» to complete the process of vivification and thus, lead to more complex lifeforms such as mammals for example.

The vivification from below (Ζωογονά B) is the continuum of the vivification from above. In this process, the consciousness nests and self-materializes in higher forms of intelligence in order to make progress the life-matter on certain stellar systems by complexifying them. This will lead to more advanced bio-group formation than bacteria and microbes. To do this, these higher lifeforms will have to intervene in a process of artificial creation of life in the universe by science and technology. The creation of artificial life does not conflict with the creation of natural life. On the contrary, they are complementary to each other. In this sense, artificial creation optimizes and reinforces the natural creation of life.

Evolution of life in universe

Life in the universe is dynamic and evolutive. The latter is not static or immobile. At the origin of this dynamism and evolution, the very nature of the lifeforce which expresses intentions and manifests them through its movements and vibrational frequencies. In this sense, the evolution of life in the universe is the product of the elevation of vibratory frequency of lifeforces in its receptacles. Which vibratory frequency raises that of receptacles which end up themselves to be ethereal. This etherisation of the biological receptacles then acts as a «driving force» that drives and pulls the life centers/stellar systems into its dynamics. We are therefore witnessing a change in vibratory frequency of the latter.

However, this evolution of life in the universe and its frequency changes are not uniform. Depending on the events and conjunctures that are present, some stellar zones evolve less quickly than others. Others seem to remain locked in a memory by remaining indefinitely on their same vibratory frequencies. We end up with a life and stellar areas with different degrees of evolution.

At last, we must know that the evolution of life is multidirectional. In other words, it evolves and becomes present in all possible directions of the universe so that the cosmos can express itself and exist in its entirety. But also to allow the lifeforce to experience reality in all its aspects.

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