Emanation of the Source of life

The source of life (Πηγή της ζωής) on the source plane irradiates all around its circumference a radiation, the light of life (Φως της ζωής) which will gradually diffuse on the plane of emergence of the cosmos. Where the latter will be infused throughout the dimensional tissue and then spread in each of the existing dimensions and their parallel universes. This radiation constitutes an energy which is called the energy of life (Ενέργεια της ζωής). When this life energy comes alive and enters into motion and interaction with these dimensions, universes and worlds, it becomes a force called the lifeforce (Δύναμη της ζωής). This force is thus the «power of life» that vivifies the whole cosmos, making the latter a living giant-mega-organism. That is its function, its purpose: be the force giving life to information and to create existence and who we are.

The 5 attributes of the lifeforce

The lifeforce is characterized by 5 fundamental properties which are the perception, the synthetisation, the intention, the retention and the generation of energy and information.

    1) Perception (Αντίληψη): the property of perception is the ability to capture information. This property then gives birth to the consciousness of the cosmos.

    2) Synthetisation (Σύνθεση): The property of synthetisation is the ability to construct and deconstruct information from the memory of the cosmos. This synthetisation generates mental holograms composing the thought of the cosmos.

    3) Generation (Παραγωγή): the property of generation is the ability to generate energy in different frequencies and polarity giving birth to the emotions of the cosmos.

    4) Retention (Απομνημόνευση): Retention property is the ability to retain information, but also stock it and then restore it. Retention thus generates the memory of the cosmos

    5) Intention (Πρόθεση): the property of the intention is the capacity to direct the information and the energy giving birth to the will of the cosmos.

From its 5 attributes, the lifeforce becomes conscious, alive and animated by a will of its own.

Vectorization of the lifeforce

The radiation infusing and spreading on the plane of emergence exists in two dual forms which are the wave and the corpuscle. The wave is the female side of the lifeforce while the corpuscle is its male side. These two dual forms constitute what are called Psions (Ψιόν). Its wave shape is initially present on the superior planes of the spectral zone. From there, the more it will be infused in the inferior planes of this spectral zone, the more it will densify its frequency to form corpuscles. The latter will thus agglomerate together to form a mass (the psionic mass). These masses are the vectors of the lifeforce through which the latter expresses itself and acts on the physical and paraphysical planes of the cosmos. A phenomenon that is called «Vectorization of the lifeforce».

Therefore, each of its vectors will identify with a group of information present in the memory of the cosmos. This identification will then generate a ME (Εγω). This is called egotization. Once translated and expressed as a hologram on a paraphysical and/or physical plane, this vector becomes a form of life. This is what traditions, philosophies and religions commonly call the soul of living beings.

Identification generating the "ME"
Holographic translation of the "ME"

The ME has the function of being the point of control and rudder to the vectors of the lifeforce in their presences, actions and evolutions in the spectral zone and its frequency bands.

Energy and vectorial movements

The only reason for Cosmos is to exist in all its forms through a conscious manner in the absolute. In order to fulfill this reason of being, the Source of life is diffused on the emergence plane of the cosmos. This diffusion in the form of conscious, intelligent and living radiation is called Descension (Κατάβαση). During this descension, the radiation will gradually densify its frequency, compressing itself until forming corpuscle/vectors of the lifeforce. Where it will experience the materialization of consciousness, thought and energy. Then come to the end of this descensional movement. The lifeforce makes the opposite movement. In other words, it will make the ascension (Ανάβαση) towards its point of emission, the Source of life. During this ascension, the lifeforce, which was in the corpuscular state, gradually decompresses and finally returns to its wave state. Where it will experience the conscientization and energization of matter to finally be reabsorbed by the Source of Life.

Shape and vectorial appearance

The lifeforce is initially present in a state of radiation/wave. Which implies that the latter has no form at the origin. It is amorphous in essence. An amorphism that will result in a simple point of consciousness and energy in the spectral zone. We call this type of consciousness the formsless (Αμορφος). It's only when the latter descends into the spectral zone that it densifies its vibrational frequency to become morphic. Where it will take the form and holographic appearance to which its vectorial memory or biological envelope is attached if there is nesting.

Thus in our energy and vectorial movement, we are at the origin some formless. Then when we do our descension of the Source of life, our energy adjusts to the frequency of the environment by becoming denser. Through this vibratory densification, our life energy becomes morphic. Finally, it's only when we make the opposite path in the spectral zone. That's to say, the ascension to the Source of life, that we lose our morphic state after each nesting. Where we return to our original state of formlessness. This is called apocatastasis (Αποκατάστασης).

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