The Moira

Moira (Μοίρα) is nothing else than our mission of life. In other words, the latter is why our lifeforce is nested a receptacle of life located on Gaia. It answers the question: Why am i here?. When the Moira is performed, it constitutes our destiny (Πεπρωμένο). In this sense, destiny is the execution of the pre-programming of our biology as well as our psyche on this plane of reality. According to the specific needs of our Moira, our lifeforce will be projected into a certain receptacle of life situated in an era on the temporal circle of a stellar system/center of life.

Moiraic determinism

The Moira is an information created by a need, a desire, an aspiration to even by a pact made with other entities. Then that is recorded in memory in between life. This information called «Moiraic Memory» will then act as a motivation pushing the lifeforce to project and nest in the materiality to fulfill its life-mission. Where this memory will be executed through connections and experiments. Connections and experiences that then constitute the destiny of the lifeforce on the physical plane.

Good to know about the pacts: The pacts made in the forelife with other entities are in their majorities scams and manipulations. To know that the spirit is forced or convinced to nest (reincarnate) in certain life by telling him that it's for his good and evolution. In reality, this life will only bring him misery, suffering and problems for the benefit of the entities with whom the pact was sealed.

The accomplishment of the Moira

The accomplishment of the moira begins at the moment of the nesting in the receptacle of life and ends at the moment of the devitalization of the latter. This accomplishment then consists in executing the moiraic memory through thoughts, attitudes and behaviors through the receptacle of life. However, there is no standard Moira. The informational content composing the Moira differs from one lifeforce to another depending on what the latter must accomplish. From there, when the lifeforce is aligned with its Moira, it is accomplished. Existence then becomes fluid, clear and orderly. Conversely, when the lifeforce is not aligned with the latter, the Moira is not fulfilled. This same existence thus becomes difficult, hazy and disorderly or even chaotic in extreme cases.

There are, however, 3 main interferents that can prevent or even sabotage the accomplishment of the Moira. These interferents are the memory compression, the toxic environment and neuroses and traumas.

    ➤ The memory compression: Once nestled in the matter, the memory is compressed and therefore becomes partially inaccessible. As a result, the incarnated consciousness loses memory and with it, has no longer access to the information of its Moira. In other words, he/she does not know why he/she was incarnated in the matter or any pacts passed in his/her before-life.

    ➤ The toxic environment: Once nested in the matter, the lifeforce is immersed and evolving in a social and cultural environment that will influence it by inculcating a system of belief and value very often contrary to the accomplishment of its Moira.

    ➤ Neuroses & trauma: Once nested in the matter, the lifeforce will live experiences that are not always constructive and generates neuroses and trauma. Which interferes in the perception and the understanding of reality. Caught under the influence of its own neuroses, the lifeforce no longer fulfills its Moira.


Self-realization (Αυτοπραγμάτωση) is defined as the updating of the vibratory frequency as well as the consciousness of the lifeforce. This update is the product of the accomplishment of our Moïra. In other words, there is self-realization when the information in moiraic memory is executed on the physical plane and it generates a vibratory rise and an expansion of the field of consciousness. It's from this gradual rise that the lifeforce rises in the spectral zone. In this sense, the faccomplishment of the Moira allows the lifeforce to progress in its ascension towards the Source of Life.

Thus self-realization is manifested by the evolution of the lifeforce into a progressive state of lucidity, erudition, higher intelligence, and psi powers (telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.). Which will serve as resources and psychic/energy tools in the afterlife.

The non-self-realization

The non-self-realization (Μη αυτοπραγμάτωση) is the result of the non-accomplishment of the Moira. In this sense, this non-realization leads to remain in the moiraic memory. This has the effect of generating the repetition of the latter. Therefore, to out of this memory, the lifeforce will have no choice than to perform a new nidation to complete its Moira. Where it will finally be free to continue its ascension towards the Source of Life. Finally, one must know there is no punishment of any higher power in case of non-realization of one's own Moira. In this sense, the cosmic, divine or other punishment is nothing else than a tale to keep under control children, simple-minded and the uneducated people with the fear of chastisement.

Ascension towards the source of life

Self-realization thus allows the ascension (Ανάβαση) towards the source of life. This ascension is based on a change of vibratory frequency and consciousness consecutive to the self-realization and the execution of its Moira. Each change of frequency connects and links the lifeforce with an analog vibratory plane/frequency band of the spectral zone by a phenomenon of syntonism. In other words, the lifeforce is at the end of each of its self-realization in another plane of existence than the previous one.

Ascension is a movement of both energy and consciousness on the superior and inferior planes of the spectral zone. According to the plane of vibration (inferior or superior) on which the lifeforce is present, the type of Moira, its accomplishment as well as the self-realization resulting from it will require several evolutive forms. So, in the inferior frequency bands of the spectral zone, the evolutive form will require a nidatory cycle in materiality. Whereas conversely, in the superior frequency bands, this same evolutive form will no longer require nidation, but simply a transfer of consciousness and energy on the frequency and reality/dimension in question.

As a result, ascension into the inferior planes requires passing several nidation cycles whose duration on the physical plane can reach hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years of evolution. On the contrary, realize the ascension in the superior planes of the spectral zone requires no longer hundreds of thousands or millions of year, since the time expands until creating a state of eternity. Time as we know it disappears in these frequency bands to give way to an Alysum.

In this sense, ascension is therefore a slow and progressive process and not a rapid and sudden phenomenon. There is no shortcut to the Source of Life.

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