Copy of biochemical memory

In its ascensional movement on the spectral zone, the lifeforce evolves and transforms itself permanently. But this ascensional movement requires to have life-matter vibratory adapted to each of its evolutive stages. To enable this adaptability, a process of evolutive copying of biochemical memory is necessary. To do this, there is a chain of reproduction in which matter of life/biochemical memory (MVb) will procreate a new matter of life/biochemical memory improved. Which will procreate at its turn another matter of life/biochemical memory improved and so on. Which will give us:

MVb > MVb+ > MVb++ > MVb+++ > MVb++++, etc.

According to its process of memory copying, the reproduction of life-matter can then be sexual or asexual. The sexual form implies that the matter of life needs the biochemical memory of another matter of life in order to recopy itself. Conversely, the asexual form implies that the matter of life does not need the biochemical memory and that it copies itself.

Natural and artificial reproduction

However natural reproduction has its limits and it will happen a moment when the life-matter with its biochemical memory will no longer be able to progress beyond a certain stage. This de facto limits the very progression of the lifeforce using these biological vectors. Therefore, to overcome this barrier and continue to higher stages of its evolution, the intervention of an optimized reproduction called «artificial» of the life-matter becomes necessary. Where the lifeforce will nest in biological vectors adapted to its new higher levels of consciousness and vibration. From there, there are 3 degrees of reproduction:

  • The first degree is natural reproduction which is reproduction by coital way
  • The second degree is the optimized natural reproduction at halfway between natural and artificial reproduction
  • The third degree is artificial reproduction using and intelligently combining genetic engineering and epigenetics

The power of life

For this memory copy can be processed, a driving force must be in place. This driving force is called the power of life (Ισχύς της ζωης). The power of life is nothing else than the lifeforce that vivifies matter. This driving power possesses a creative power. When this power is expressed through materiality, it becomes a procreative power. In this sense, procreative power is the translation and expression of creative power in materiality.

    ➤ The creative power is characterized by the capacity of the power of life to generate/reproduce an energetic copy on the paraphysical/vibratory plane. Which will feed the cosmos and life in its vibratory planes.

    ➤ The procreative power is characterized by the ability of the power of life to influence and support the fecondatory/reproductive action of biochemical memory on the physical/biological level in order to generate a zygote. Zygote in which will come to project and nest the force of life thus its conscience.

On the plan of emergence of the cosmos, the creative power emanates from the lifeforce whereas the procreative power emanates from the matter of life. As the lifeforce is anterior to the matter of life, the creative power is just as anterior to the procreative power.

The matter of life

The matter of life has a polarity given by the life power. That's to say, by the lifeforce vivifying it. This polarity is masculine and feminine. The lifeforce is basically androgynous by nature. In other words, it owns both male and female polarity. It's only when it descends into the frequency bands of the emergence plane that it becomes denser and form a corpuscle. This corpuscle will then polarize to take either the masculine attributes or the feminine attributes.

    ➤ The masculine (♂) is characterized by the external force, gift, excitement, hardness, action, materialization and protection. In the materiality, this is expressed by a narrow pelvis, a large size, an external genital system, a deep voice, a heavy bone structure and a strong musculature. The masculine is transmitter of the power of life. It gives its masculine energy materialized in the form of spermatozoa.

    ➤ The feminine (♀) is characterized by inner strength, reception, calm, gentleness, passivity, awareness and direction. In the materiality, this is expressed by thin waist, an internal genital system, an acute voice, a light frame and a weak musculature. The feminine is receiver of the power of life. It receives in its female energy the masculine energy. This feminine energy is materialized in the form of ovum.

Androgynity & creative forces

From there, it's the encounter, fusion and combination of masculine and feminine forces that temporarily generates an androgyny state of the matter. In other words, it's when masculinity and femininity are unified that androgynity appears. This androgyny allows the activation of the process of creation on the paraphysical plane, then that of procreation on the physical plane. The creation updates and adjusts the lifeforce while procreation updates and adjusts the lifematter and its vibratory frequency. Where the lifeforce can continue its ascension towards the Source of life by changing matter having a vibratory level adapted to its stage of progression.

Generations and evolutive lines

Each bio-compartmentation of the life-matter generated from the previous one constitutes a generation. All these generations placed end to end form the evolutive line of the matter of life. However, as there is a multitude of bio-compartment, there is also a multitude of generation and therefore, a multitude of evolutive line. In this evolutive line, each generation is a transformed and improved state of biochemical memory. Which transformation is translated into materiality by morphological traits different from the previous generation. Thus each generation composing the evolutive line has in it an improved copy of the previous biochemical memory. Unless there is a major genetic incident, the more one advances on the evolutive line, the more the copies of the memory are improved, the more they rise in their vibratory frequencies by a few degrees. There, or at each generation, a lifeforce with a frequency energy similar to the matter can project and nest it in order to continue its evolution towards the source of life.

The evolutive lines can then be controlled, oriented, and genetically encoded by genetic engineering. This control and this orientation however requires monitoring and intervention on the biochemical memory of each generation composing the said evolutive line. From there, we can synchronize the evolutive lines of the matter of life with those of the lifeforce. This so that it can express at its full potential and creative power in its ascension towards the Source of Life.

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