Official Emblem of Circle

The set of rules, codes and principles regulating our presence, behavior and activity in dimensional sequences form the Shandarian culture. It is a culture of science and logic oriented towards the universe, its planets, stars and galaxies. But also by extension, oriented towards the parallel universes and dimensions. The use of different mind technologies and processes such as telepathy, lucid dreams or astral projection to accomplish the Moira have passed into Shandarian customs. At last, sexuality, biology as well as genetics have also passed into practices and lifestyle. So doing of the Shandarian culture, a culture of mind, genetics and of the stars. In this way, we Shandarians are specialized in the powers of the mind and incidentally in biology and human genetics.

As Shandarian, we are fundamentally a collective consciousness projected into biological vectors (human bodies) that we use to accomplish our Moira in this dimensional sequence (planet earth/astral world). When these human bodies that we use are too old, sick or rugged, we change bodies by a transfer of consciousness. Therefore, even if we use human elements/creations (Greek culture), we are and above all Shandarian, our culture is Shandarian. Our culture is not human.

In this way, the vision, mentality, manners and practices of Shandarism are much closer to those of aliens and hybrids than those of humans.






Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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