It is common and customary to observe the stars

Astronomy is an integral part of Shandarian culture. In other words, we gather at night to observe the stars. But why do that? Contrary to what one might think, this is not a hobby here. But an observation activity fulfilling very specific functions in the Shandarian practice.

In this sense, the observation of stars allows:

  • Remember who we are and where we come from (star dust)
  • Maintain our awareness of the stars and the universe
  • Become familiar with the rest of the cosmos
  • Develop our knowledge of the universe (comets, shooting stars, eclipses, etc.)
  • Grow the mind of unity with the whole of the universe

The basis of shandarian culture

Shandarian culture is a culture of mind and space. As a culture of space, astronomy is the base from which it is based. In this sense, Shandarian culture also called «Culture of the stars» is a set of knowledge and practices oriented towards the stars. However, for this orientation to be achievable, the knowledge of the stars by their observations is fundamental here. Hence astronomy as a pillar of the Shandarian culture of space.

Astronomy and astral projection

Astronomy is complementary to astral projection. Remember that astral projection is an instrument commonly used in Shandarian practices. However, the latter is also complementary to astronomy. Astronomy thus makes it possible to observe and understand the stars from your biological body whereas the astral projection, which is an extracorporeal exit, makes it possible to observe these same stars from another, broader and more subtle perspective through the prism of the consciousness. In this way, we can acquire a more just, complete knowledge and understanding of the stars.

So, astronomy and astral projection are complementary to one another. Although this same projection is not limited to going into space, but also allows to explore other dimensions, plans of consciousness and reality of the cosmos.

Good to know: Astronomy not only allows to know the stars by observation, but it also develops a spirit of space ecology in which we learn to respect the planets , stars and galaxies of the universe and live in harmony with the rest of the universe. The toxic ideas of colonization and domination of space are thus replaced by ecological ideas of respect and unity with the universe and life in the universe. It is no longer a question of wanting to dominate, colonize and exploit space resources, but to live in a cosmic homeostasis with the rest of the universe and thus be able to progress towards higher levels of consciousness.







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