Good to know: Beauty and aesthetics are an integral part of Shandarian culture. Their functions are to create a reality, an environment and a living environment that is welcoming and attractive to the conscience. This so that the latter can be in good shape to accomplish its Moira. Indeed, when the environment and the reality is stressful, oppressive, the person is psychologically and energetically blocked and makes nothing. Conversely when the living environment is bright and relaxing, the person becomes in condition to accomplish his/her moira.

The beauty and aesthetics in Shandarism touches 2 things that are space-time/matter-energy and biological envelopes.

The beauty and aesthetics of space-time/matter-energy

The beauty and aesthetics of space-time is the beauty of places. The beauty and aesthetics of matter-energy is the beauty of objects and tools. They are characterized by:

  • A modern classical architectural style
  • Light and understated colors such as white, beige and gray
  • A minimalism with just the essential without any superfluous
  • Ergonomics of the premises adapted to the experience of reality

However, these characteristics do not apply to the grand chamber of energy centers, which remains quite dark with a play of light.

The beauty environment

The mind is generally better disposed to perform its existential function and life mission when in a bright environment. Rain and greyness have a retractive psychological effect. This is why Shandarism favors places of life and experimental activities located in warm and sunny areas of this planet.

We thus find the Mediterranean area which includes: the south of France with the region of Aix-en-Provence and the Riviera, Spain with Andalusia, Ibiza and Mallorca, Italy, Greece, Island of Cyprus and Malta. Then the Pontic climate of the Black Sea with Sochi in Russia. Finally, we also find warmer hot desert areas, including California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico for North America as well as Mexico.

Beauty of the biological envelope

Beauty is a set of interrelated and ordered elements between them giving rise to a certain harmony of style and form, combining finesse and balance. However, it is necessary to remember that nature is imperfect and therefore, even on a beautiful biological envelope, minor imperfections may appear. Which means that in fact, beauty can not be 100% effective. The biological function of beauty is to be the outward sign of good health and the vitality of the biological envelope. Indeed, an envelope in perfect health will give a beautiful morphology whereas conversely, a sick envelope will give an altered morphology in the colors and the forms. At last, the psychic function of beauty is to return an attractive and enjoyable image allowing the integration of the person in the environment necessary for his/her experience of reality.

In Shandarian thought, pale skin or «alabaster body» as well as tanned bodies are considered beautiful skin colors. In this way, there are:

  • Nordic or "Aryan" peoples (Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark)
  • Slavic peoples (Serbia, Ukraine, Russia)
  • The peoples of the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) and the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Iran)
  • Asian peoples (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

Keep in mind, however, that these are only beauty references and not genetic selection criteria! In fact, Shandarians men and women can be white, pink or tanned, black or mixed.

The luxury of Shandarians

There are many ways to approach luxury and its universe. The first vision of luxury is the media vision, the bling bling side to impress people, show his/her material wealth to maintain his/her ego in the illusion of value. Then there is the second vision of luxury, the Shandarian vision.

In the Shandarian vision, to understand what luxury is, we must start from its etymology. The word luxury comes from the Latin «lux», the light. From there, luxury is the set of the means, tools, resources and environments (universe) of high qualities which in their hidden, invisible and occult uses put us in relation with the higher planes of the cosmos, therefore the plans of light «luxuria». In this sense, luxury is the set of means and resources of superior quality that have been created on the basis of excellence know-how. But also on rare materials and exceptional quality (of high vibratory frequencies) that gives them all their values. Luxury is not here to flatter the ego of man or maintain him in illusion, vanity and bling bling.

However, luxury is also the translation and expression of personal value in the matter and its forms. A man or a woman of luxury thus expresses his/her high value or «high vibration» in the materiality. But all this is only the quintessence of his value and not his essence. Because the true source, essence of the value of a person is his life force, his knowledge, his skills, as well as his psychic abilities and not the value of his portfolio of goods in his possession.

The problem today is that all this has been totally forgotten and has been diverted to flatter the ego of man and thus lock him into an egocentric self-image, vain of false personal value and false superiority. So plunging man into the illusion of matter and superficiality. But also attaching him to the same matter and superficiality making the latter a materialistic person, futile, without character nor great interest.







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