Good to know: Connection, communication as well as the exchange of information and energy between the lifeforms depends directly on their levels of consciousness. The more a level of consciousness is higher, the more the communication and the exchanges between lifeforms become enriching and of better quality. Shandarians must reach a such level of consciousness for a relationship of superior quality with the rest of the cosmos and its life.

Consciousness and intelligence

There is a direct link between the degree of consciousness and the level of intelligence of people. In this sense, the more a person becomes lucid, the more he becomes conscious. The more he becomes conscious, the more he develops his ability to understand and grasp information and reality in increasingly complex and sophisticated ways. Conversely, the less a person is conscious, the more he becomes «idiot».

Thus, the state of full lucidity allows to see the subtleties of things and then to take them into account in our reasoning. But also by extension, in our attitude (mental level) and behavior (physical level, relationship). The result is that we integrate these new data into our reasoning schemes - which were previously inaccessible - to ultimately make our level of logic more and more precise and refined. This also has the effect of developing our degree of intelligence by enhancing it. We become more conscious and intelligent in our perception and understanding of the universe, of others and of ourselves.

Shandarian use of consciousness and intelligence

The state of mindfulness allows us to see and perceive (in other words, see in a piercing way) the reality as well as its events in which we are. Here or in this state of lucidity and discernment the invisible begins to become visible for our 5 senses, both psychic and biological. As for the state of full intelligence, it allows us to understand all the subtleties and hidden faces of this same perceived reality. The understanding then becomes clearer and limpid and even total in some cases. But not always. From there, we become able to improve interactions and communications with our environment, others and ourselves. But also to have access to opportunities of realization and fields of potentiality that were not accessible before. All this move our existence and our Moira's accomplishment from this level of reality to a higher level for results of optimal qualities. Such is the mind culture of the shandarians in the domain of consciousness and intelligence.

From simplicity to complexity

When our perception/consciousness of reality, but also of ourselves, others and events widens, we perceive new data and parameters that were not in your field of consciousness before. That does not mean that they magically appeared overnight. They were already there. But as our field of consciousness was not sharp enough to perceive them, we simply could not see them. So, our level of consciousness and higher intelligence allows us to see these new data. In this way, we are in full capacity to understand them in all their complexities with ease. By integrating with our memory, these new data and parameters mean that we can no longer see or consider things simply as in the beginning. Because their taking into account by our unconscious require new patterns of perception and reasoning in line with them. From then on, the simplicity of the beginnings gives way to complexity and sophistication.

Therefore, when in shandarism things appear and become complex and sophisticated, it is not to make «intellectual masturbation» or to shine in front of others, but only because we have reached a level of consciousness and reality which requires an approach involving a high degree of complexity and sophistication.

Progression and physical transformation

This simplicity to its complexity is expressed not only at the level of consciousness, but also at the level of the biological envelope and its appearance. To understand this clearly, one must start from a simple observation: language and bodily appearance is a reflection of the consciousness' expression in matter. The higher this consciousness is, the more complex it becomes. A complexity expressing and manifesting through a transformation generating step by step the sophistication of the physical appearance of the biological envelope to which consciousness is connected. Which will result in:

Low consciousness Shandarian with a simple and natural appearance, without artifice.
Medium consciousness Shandarian with light and discreet addition of finery/jewelry.
High consciousness Shandarian with refinement, style and elegance.







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