In the Shandarian practice, it is necessary to observe two types of dress rules that are in assembly and out of assembly.

Dress code in Assembly

If the Shandarian is in assembly on an energy center to participate in unification, rites, ceremonies and celebrations, the wearing of the hooded ritual robe is required. According to his/her degree of consciousness, the color and symbolism of his dress changes.

Degree of Consciousness Color of ritual robe Symbolism/Hidden sense
Low Consciousness Black Emerge from nothingness
Medium Consciousness Navy blue Reach the Universe and its stars
High Consciousness Purple/Violet Switch in consciousness of everything

Note: The hooded ritual robes worn during the Shandarian assemblies are without drawings or ornaments.

Dress code Out of Assembly

Outside the assemblies, there is no strict dress code for Shandarians. In fact, everything depends on the situation in which the Shandarian is. In this sense, his/her clothing must only be in synergy with his/her biological envelope. Recalling that the clothes were designed at the base to protect the body from external temperatures and environmental aggressions. For example, if it is hot, wear light clothing so that our body heat is kept at the correct temperature and avoid hyperthermia. On the other hand, when it is cold, one wears warm clothes in order to contain the body temperature necessary for your physiological good functioning. As for the shapes, patterns and colors, it is a question of the adequacy between your envelope with the environment in which one is. So, Shandarian bears no distinctive signs of community belonging and looks like everyone's sir and madam. No pagri (turban) or purdah (veil) to wear or others. He/she is melting into the mass. Therefore, only the vibratory level and telepathic abilities of Shandarian allow to differentiate him/her from a non-Shandarian.

Wearing of underwear

In assemblies, there is no undergarment under the ritual robe. In other words, the Shandarian is naked under his/her ritual robe (1). Out of the assemblies, once again, everything depends on the situation in which the shandarian is. For a woman Shandarian, if the physical situation in which she is required a contention of her breasts, she will wear a bra adapted to her morphology. If the physical situation in which she does not require a contention of her breasts, she will not wear one. Same observation regarding the wearing of panties. For the Shandarian man, ditto, if the physical situation in which he is required a contention of his testicles, he will wear a slip adapted to his morphology. Otherwise, he will not wear it. The fact of not wearing underwear has no deleterious impact, harmful to health. Finally, the fact of not wearing underwear here has no sexual connotation or symbolism.

Makeup, tattoos & ornaments

To find out how to behave properly with regard to make-up, tattoos, piercings and other body decorations, it is necessary to ask the following question: Will this body decoration serve your Moira? And if yes, how? If the answer is positive, make your body decoration in adequacy with your mission of life so that this one can answer the given need. Otherwise, don't do it. Same principle for ornaments, jewelry and accessories. Will this finery, jewelry or accessory serve your Moira? And if yes, how? If so, wear your jewelry, accessories and accessories in line with the situation so that they can meet the given need. If not, don't do it. In this sense, there is never strict yes or no, everything depends on the given situation.

Scarifications & body markings

Scarifications and markings of the body are not practiced in Shandarism. Because we don't see the utility of this in our practices. In Shandarian mindset, what is not useful is not used.

(1) Shandarians do not wear underwear under their ritual robes so that their carnal envelopes are in direct contact with the vibration of the color of their robes as well as their magnetisms.







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