Good to know: To be able to dispose of all the natural resources necessary for our Moira, we must respect nature by living in an ecological, synergistic and harmonious relationship with all existing lifeforms, both here on earth and everywhere else in the stars. But there's attention! Be in harmony with nature and all living beings does not mean to be in a rainbows and butterflies vision in which everything is beautiful, peace and love, but in a state of open connection and exchange on an energetic, psychic and biological level with other lifeforms in order to live in a synergistic relationship.

Be in harmony with nature and its vibrations

The planet earth is both a living organism and an organ of the universe on which the cosmos experiences life. By respecting the integrity of the planet, we maintain the favorable conditions for the continuity of life on it. Our biological envelopes are themselves issued from this nature. In this way, we are both dependent and interdependent of the planet Earth and its ecosystems. Therefore, our own survival on this level of reality depends directly on our relationship with the ecosystems of the planet and their resources. A relationship that must be based on a harmonic state with nature and its vibrations. That's to you, a relationship and communication established on an intelligent matter-energy exchange between the shandarians and the ecosystems. From there, it is created a harmonic relationship between the Shandarian, nature and their common vibrations. This is to preserve the integrity of nature and its balances on the one hand, but also to be able to coexist between all lifeforms in a constructive and global sense and not in an anthropocentric and destructive sense. Consumerism, overexploitation and pollution are not welcome here.

The emergence of obstacles and adversity

In the inferior planes of the vibratory vector, individualizations appear because of the very properties of the materiality of these planes. These individualizations inevitably generate situations and relations of antagonism. Which create obstacles and adversity. In the higher planes of the vibratory vector, we find exactly the opposite. Namely, we are witnessing the erasure of its individualities, thus resulting in creating a fusional and harmonic relationship. This makes antagonisms and obstacles and adversity disappear to make way for unity.

Need to develop our lifeforce/psi power to ensure our survival

We are currently projected in the inferior plans of cosmos and its vibratory vector. Plans that are ruled by opposition forces, antagonisms leading to situations of conflict and struggle. Because of the existence of these antagonisms and the situations of struggles in which we are, it becomes necessary to ensure our survival by imposing itself in order to be respected and avoid being «vampirized» or «dominated» by other hostile species. But also to be able to continue the accomplishment of our Moira, our life mission and so realize that why we are here. In this sense, the Shandarian develops his lifeforce, the spirit of domination and uses them through psychical tools such as telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis. But also strengthen his biology as well as develop his scientific and technological knowledge/applications in order to ensure its survival on the vibratory vector of cosmos.

Dominate while respecting nature

For its sustenance in matter and its forms, the Shandarian is interdependent on the environment of the inferior planes in which he/she is found. He:she must then take into account the resources on which it depends and the presence of antagonisms. Thus he dominates the mind, thoughts, emotions, wills and desires of his antagonists while respecting the balance and resources of the environment in which he finds himself. The Shandarian thus creates a harmonic relationship and an ecological communication with the whole of nature, while posing and maintaining a psychic and energetic hold on the spirit, the thoughts and the energy of his adversaries wanting to harm or destroy him in their own interests. This not for the purpose of crushing others to flatter his ego and converse in the illusion of being a powerful and absolute entity, but only to ensure his own survival in these inferiors planes of cosmos. Where he can fully do what he is embodied in, accomplish his Moira and thus make his self-realization.







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