Sexuality is free

In Shandarism, sexuality is very present and is completely liberated. We then speak of free love (Δωρεάν αγάπη). There is no moral restriction, shame or guilt about wanting to sleep. It is only the expression of a natural need specific to our species. The concept of virginity, purity or impurity, fornication or flesh sin (lust) so dear to "conservatives" and "religious" and "believers" does not exist among Shandarians. Thus we let biology and its energies freely express themselves in order to discover and know by experience certain aspects of the reality of matter.

This has two conditions:

  • There are no minors
  • Adults are conscious and consenting.

Apart from this, Shandarians and Shandarians are free to sleep with whom they want. Sexual relations between Shandarians and non-Shandarians are also permitted. There are, however, two main dangers to free love that must be guarded against. Those are unwanted pregnancies and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

Good to know: This sexual freedom found in shandarism and its practices is actually a transposition of sexual mores that is already practiced in the astral world. We must know that on the astral plane, there is no sexual restriction or inhibition as we know it in our human societies. The consciousnesses present in the astral can thus mate and have sex spontaneously without any limitation. Shandarism only transposes these sexual mores on the plan of matter and its forms.

Sexuality is not a taboo subject

Sexuality is not taboo for a Shandarian and the subject can be freely talked in a direct and unambiguous way. In this sense, we have no taboo about the genital system and its use. From this perspective, it is quite natural and normal to talk about sex for shandarians. This does not make shandarians unhealthy or sick people, but only open-minded people. Similarly, it is not shocking or taboo that a Shandarian woman directly asks a Shandarian man to sleep with her. And vice versa, It is not shocking that a Shandarian man directly asks a Shandarian woman to sleep. After free to him or her to accept or refuse. Moreover, Shandarian sexual practices belong to a particular form of carnal and erotic shandarism known as Shandarism of Cytherea or Cythera (we can say the two) in reference to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Cytherea is to Shandarism what Tantrism and Kamasutra are to Hinduism.


What is Polyamory? Polyamory is a quantum state in which we love many people and maintain multiple sexual and romantic relationships, with the consent of the partners involved. However, polyamour should not be confused with polygamy and polyandry. These are 2 different complements things. Polygamy is the marriage of a man with several women. Polyandry is the marriage of a woman with several men. Polyamory is a relationship without matrimonial ties. Shandarism forbids polygamy and polyandry, but allows and practices polyamory. Why polyamory is practiced by shandarians? So that the shandarians can simply express their full life energies and thus; explore the love reality and dimension by binding to several other energies at the same time. Some shandarians practice it while others do not. Polyamory is a free and personal choice.

Note It is usual that sex with telepathy and other psychic powers be combined and used together to achieve an optimal sexuality and experience. This is also part of the shandarian sexual mores







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