What is knowledge of cosmos? In Shandarism, knowledge of the cosmos is the set of information in memory about the universe, its planets, stars and galaxies as well as space-time and its dimensions. But it is also the knowledge about the consciousness of the universe, lifeforce and the psyche of the lifeforms existing everywhere in the cosmos, including that of the human species. Finally, the knowledge of the cosmos is also by extension a knowledge about the life, biology and genetics of both humans and other species living in this universe. This knowledge constitutes the memory of Shandaria.

Cultivate knowledge of the cosmos

Cultivating knowledge of the cosmos means acquiring and developing its knowledge and full understanding in all its subtleties and senses, both visible and invisible, hidden and occult. In this sense, there are 3 degrees of knowledge and culture of the latter. These 3 degrees correspond to the 3 degrees of Shandarian consciousness in his/her psychic, intellectual and energetic progression.

These 3 degrees of knowledge and culture are defined as follows:

Degrees of knowledge Degrees of consciousness
Intellectual knowledge acquired with study and analysis or by telepathic memory transfert (TMT) technology Low consciousness
Consciential Knowledge acquired with observation by trance, remote viewing or lucid dreams Medium Consciousness (1)
Erudition (Subtle and Hidden Knowledge) acquired by astral projections and telepathic memory transfert (TMT) technology High Consciousness

Access to knowledge of cosmos requires to be open-minded

If we want to access this knowledge of the cosmos to progress and improve, we must first have an open mind on the latter. If one has a closed mind, dogmatic or sectarian, one learns nothing, one does not improve, one does not progress. In life, what does not progress stagnates, rots and disappears. The same goes for our energy, conscientious and intellectual evolution. Therefore open-mindedness is one of the main conditions necessary for access to the knowledge of the cosmos as well as our evolution and improvement within it.

The absence of taboo subject

Open-mindedness implies that there is no taboo subject for a Shandarian. Therefore, the latter must be able to treat any subject posingly without criticizing, mockery or be sarcastic. In this way, one can freely tackle any theme without restriction or self-censorship. Even those which are scary, shocking, immoral and unacceptable for non-shandarians. Censorship in the name of good-thinking, politically correct and morality, ideology, belief or value, by fear is considered here as the manifestation of limited and weakness mind.

Note All subjects and their content and information discussed between Shandarians is placed under the seal of secrecy. There is no public disclosure or report.

Misknowledge is acceptable, but not ignorance

Misknowledge is a failure to understand or empty of memory by lack of information. It is normal not to know everything about everything since no lifeform so advanced as it is in the universe holds the omniscience nor the ultimate reality of all things. This memorial state is called in shandarism Misknowledge.

On the contrary, ignorance is the product of intellectual laziness in which the person doesn't want to know or is afraid of knowing another reality (fear of the unknown). So, he/she remains in a memorial state called ignorance Ignorance is not acceptable in Shandarism. Because it is a manifestation of intellectual mediocrity. Intellectual mediocrity has no place in our collective consciousness. In this way, if you don't know something, you must know what it is by putting good will and effort. Whether the work is simple or complex, easy or difficult, we do it. Even if the knowledge is now incorrect, it will become correct later with updates by progressing in the knowledge.

(1) Please note the hidden sense and link between the medium "mediam/media" consciousness stage and its psi ability to acquire information through trances, remote viewing and lucid dreams.







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