Be connected to this plane of reality

If we want to develop and realize ourselves on this level of reality, (where we are physically present), it is essential and imperative that we be connected to this reality through realism and logic. We must not be in ideology or hope. From there, it is necessary to develop a logical mind in a state of full consciousness and lucidity disregarding our beliefs, values, desires and moral judgments. This is to be in the reality of the universe and its conjunctures and not in the reality of our thoughts and dreams. However, this does not mean that one should not dream anymore, because the dream also has a fundamental and important function in our processes, both physiological and evolutionary. But only that we must not substitute the reality of the dream (inner to ourselves) to the reality of our environment (external to ourselves). Otherwise we are disconnected from this plane of reality with all the toxic and destructive consequences that implies.

Logical Mind

Logic and common sense prevail over beliefs and emotional reactions

In our western civilization, we are told that we must act in accordance with our personal values ​​and beliefs. Except that our personal values ​​and beliefs are more egocentric than anything else. Consequences are that when we are and act in conformity with these, we are not any more in alignment, in adequacy with the reality and our real nature, but with our egocentrism. Therefore our behavior is no longer adapted to the reality in which we live. This inevitably generates counterproductive and destructive results and consequences in some cases. And this without even we are aware of it.

That's why in Shandarism, the logical mind, but also self-control take precedence over beliefs and emotions. But also that debility, lack of awareness/discernment, violent and destructive behavior are not allowed here. Otherwise we become a threat, both for others (shandarian and non-shandarian) and for ourselves.

Important: The very idea of living in accordance with one's own system of belief and value in the name of ideals such as happiness, love, freedom amounts to living completely disconnecting realities and thus creating one's own misfortune, one's own hell like that of others. Furthermore, when we are under the influence of our own emotional reactions as well as in the illusion of our beliefs, we no longer control our lives, blinded by our own emotions and mental mirages, we lost the full consciousness and discernment necessary to realize us and instead, we create hell.


Collective spirit takes precedence over individualism and "Western" egocentrism

Group spirit and collective interest is superior to the egocentric desires and claims of individuals. For Shandarism, individualism is nothing else than an illusion of facade, whereas the collective spirit is very real. It is because we identify ourselves with our envelopes and we have different thoughts and emotions (in appearance) that we have the perception of being individuals separated from each other, having our own identity and personality. But when we begin to raise our level of consciousness and perceive the subtleties of the connections between all existing consciousnesses, we realize then that we are only one life essence expressed in different forms. There is no separate consciousnesses. In other words, individualism does not exist, it's an optical illusion transformed into a belief.

This implies that if we want to fully realize ourselves and improve in the universe, it is essential to be, think and act on a collective level and not on an individualistic level in order to not forget any part of ourselves.

From there, if one of us has a problem, we must help him solve the problem, because being in fact a single essence of life, the same problem will sooner or later affect all of us. So by helping the Shandarian in trouble, one preserves the integrity of the group and the collective consciousness. Now if we stay in our individuality and our egocentrism/egoism with our «Me, Me, Me, Me», we disperse, we jealous, we oppose, we fight and kill each other for everything and whatever. As a result, individualistic thought practiced and lived in our Western society both in Europe and in North America and now in Asia has no place in Shandarism. This individualism glorified by non-Shandarians is regarded by the Shandarians as primitive, illusory and destructive.







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