Shandarian Mentality

The Shandarian mentality is based on self-knowledge, knowledge of cosmos as well as open-mindedness. So knowledge is valuable values. Ignorance, inculture and debility leading to a state of weakness, helplessness and inferiority are banished. Open-mindedness means that shandarians do not make good or bad judgments and do not condemn the things, events and people they meet. Shandarians are also very cerebral people with an analytical mind. They like things to be clear and square.

All this means that Shandarians don't think and act on an ethical or moral basis, but on a purely pragmatic and logical basis.

Shandarians are private person and insightful people. As private people, they are non-expansive. They do not make scandal, grossip or controversy on such and such topic. This is the result of self-control, of one's thoughts and emotions. A fundamental condition for the expression of psi powers. As insightful people, this attitude is simply due to the development of lucidity leading to the state of mindfulness also called «clairvoyance». Another fundamental condition in the powers of the mind.

Shandarians are laconic. They do not beat around the bush and get to the bottom of things. There is no waffle or hypocrisy in the Shandarian mindset. An attitude due to telepathy which imposes to express things in a clear, direct and straightforward way. At last, the shandarians cultivate the lifeforce as well as the vitalism that is present in them. This is often expressed by a strong mind and strength of spirit in a dominating attitude and behavior that is not necessarily the taste of everyone.

Shandarian customs

Shandarian customs and customs are Shandarian's habits of conduct, customs, and ways of life. They are the attitudes and behaviors arising from the knowledge, perceptions and understandings of Shandarian mindset. These are centered on nature, ecology, telepathy and collective mind, nudity and free love. These are coherent and in harmony with the universe and its natural laws. This echoes the Shandarian slogan of living: According to the laws of the universe , under the reign of universal consciousness. .

The main habits and customs of Shandarians are:








Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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