Here are 12 models of women who are all non-Shandarian and have no links with Shandarism considered as female beauties in Shandarism. You can see that there is a certain class in these women. It must be remembered that Shandarian mindset is about excellence. Even with makeup, we see the fine and harmonious features of a rectangular face that is a mark of superior aesthetic quality. These women are therefore considered as excellences of feminine beauty with a good genetic heritage. Of course, they are no longer 20 years old today, but their genetics is they remain biological models of beauty for Shandarism.

Maria Orsic (Croatia)
Nina Arvesen (Norway/USA)
Merete Van Kamp (Danemark)
Marie Bäumer (Germany)
Tricia Helfer (Canada)
Tanja Reichert (Canada)
Angelina Jolie (USA)
Charlize Theron
(South Africa)
Eva Herzigova
(Czech republic)
Viktoria Odintcova (Russia)
Vera Krasova (Russia)
Barbara Bach (USA)

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