The shandarian concept of nudity

As Shandarian we think that the human body, whether male or female, is nothing else than a biological envelope from nature. Nature is neither positive or negative, it only expresses what it is. In this way, nudity is not shocking or reprehensible in the Shandarian mindset. On the contrary, it is fully accepted without judgment or mockery. Nudity is not a degrading or contemptuous thing, nor the expression of any perversion or depravity as people with a low level of consciousness think it. Perversion of what? Nature or moral principles artificially invented by man? The reality is that perversion and depravity are only concepts artificially created by humans. Nature knows neither perversion nor depravity. It only expresses its information in different forms. There is neither good nor bad in its expressions ...

Warning! It is not because nudity is not shocking and tolerant that one will necessarily show off to the eyes and the sight of all. The reality is that there is no interest or logical sense in practicing any exhibitionism. So there is a minimum of common sense to keep.


Normally, naturism is defined as « a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, with the result of promoting respect for oneself, respect for others and for environment». But in shandarism, the approach is very different. To understand what naturism is here, we must start from the fact that the human is the product of nature. As such, it is necessary for the latter to physically express what he/she is in order to be in synergy and harmony both with himself and his original environment. This expression is then manifested through a life experience based on the complete nudity of his biological envelope. In this relationship between man and nature, we do not oppose human against animal and vegetal species of nature, go to war against them or to try to destroy them, but create a relationship of equilibrium and harmony based on the complementarity of species. This in order to create what is called in the Shandarian mindset a symbiotic Life (Συμβιωτική ζωή). That's to say a life in symbiosis between man and nature. Although sometimes, there may be predatory relationships and antagonistic situations with certain species, we should not generalize them by opposing the human to the entirety of nature. Recalling that predation and antagonism act as forces pushing man to strengthen himself, to become better and not be an excuse to dominate or destroy everything to reassure his unconscious fears.

Finally, do not confuse naturist and nudist. The nudist is a person who likes to be naked without being in contact with nature. There is no symbiotic life. While the naturist lives in contact with nature in a symbiotic life.

The meaning given to nudity

In Wicca, nudity indicates and symbolizes that one gives oneself entirely to be in communion with the nature and enter into osmosis with the «goddess». In Shandarism, being atheist, we cannot use nudity to be in osmosis with the goddess, but to express our unity with the cosmos and its forces. In this sense, this nudity only indicates that the Shandarian or Shandarian woman expresses his/her true nature by revealing him/herself in all him/her entirety in order to enter into a fusional unity with the cosmos and its lifeforce.

Good to know: In Shandarism, it's like in medicine. There is no taboo regarding the human body and all its parts. Furthermore, the body of a person is not subject to joking with us. When a shandarian sees a naked person (whether male or female) he/her does not judge or make fun of his/she anatomy. Because he/she has enough knowledge, maturity and openness to accept and respect the nature of the human body with all its differences or imperfections.







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