Good to know: We call the powers of the mind or "psi power" the set of mental disciplines and sciences that are telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection and psychokinesis. Together, they form Shandarian mentalism. Namely, Shandarian mentalism has nothing to do with classical mentalism based on illusion and prestidigitation to amuse the public. The powers of the mind are a serious matter, they are not a game or an entertainment.

The powers of thought in Shandarism

In the Shandarian system, the powers of thought are in reality the result of the mastery and the use (conscious and voluntary) of the faculty and element of the psychic apparatus which are thought, perception and energy. There is nothing magical, supernatural or mysterious about that. In this sense:

    ➤ The mastery of the faculty of thought and its communication generates telepathy.

    ➤ The mastery of the faculty of perception generates clairvoyance, remote viewing or lucid dreams depending on the situation.

    ➤ The mastery of the life energy and its vibrations generates according to its degree of intensity astral projection or psychokinesis.

The use of mind powers

In Shandarism and its practice, the powers of thought are used as instruments of consciousness to accomplish our Moira on this plane of reality and beyond. This usage is defined in the following table:

Mental discipline Function and Use
Telepathy Communication and transfer of information and reality.
Clairvoyance/Remote viewing Perception and acquisition of information
Lucid Dreams/Astral Projection Exploration ofInformation and Reality
Psychokinesis Creation of information and reality

Psychic culture

The psi powers are not outside, but inside ourselves. They are part of our true nature. Therefore, we must accept them and not reject them by fear of the unknown or to be in conformity with a given ideology or society. From there, we must cultivate these powers which are ours in order to grow them in us like a plant. This is called in Shandarism «psychic culture».

This psychic culture is based and must be based on experience and observation in real situations and not on beliefs, traditions and their superstitions. But this culture of the mind power also requires a mindset based on openness, discipline, regularity, perseverance in a real training of the spirit accomplished every day. Skepticism, bad faith, amateurism, criticism and mediocrity are not tolerated here, because they are the guarantee of never cultivating one's power or manifesting it afterwards.

Psi abilities or «powers of thought» such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis or astral projection are an integral part of Shandarian culture and are inseparable from our identity. A shandarian without psychic power is not a shandarian. In this sense, it is normal to express one's nature by using «the power» in order to better see and understand the universe, then accomplish ourselves within it. So, by using the power, the Shandarian only expresses his true nature to be fully realized according to the laws of the universe, under the reign of the universal consciousness. Looking for prohibit or restrict the free expression of this nature by fear and ignorance under the guise of religious, philosophical or ideological beliefs and values is an aberration in itself.

Shandarians do not bridle their powers, but they do not expose them publicly either. They simply hide them and then use them discreetly. This is the way to exercise our mental powers on this plane of reality and in everyday life.

Master of the spirit and master of the spirits

The more a Shandarian will train his mind and his faculties, their mastery and uses, the more he will master the manifestation and use. He then becomes little by little what one calls a « master of the spirit» . Because he manages with experience and practice to master his own spirit and with it, his mind powers. He is then in full capacity to express and master consciously and voluntarily his telepathy, his clairvoyance as well as his energy and his vibrations for astral projection and psychokinesis. Then, continuing his progress in the mastery of power, he finally becomes to become «the master of the spirits». There, he can dominate and influence the minds of others as well as their own perceptions, thoughts, emotions and desires. But also their own forces and vital energies.

It must be understood, however, that in Shandarism, the masters of spirits can not do what they want with their powers, because they are actually subject to Shandarian law as well as to control, power and influence of our egregore, the collective consciousness that ensures that there is no drift. This is to maintain the equilibrium and order of the universe to not disturb the grand design through destructive thoughts and energies and vibrational behaviors. But also to stay in compliance with the extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional laws, codes and consensus that govern this space-time (Planet Earth included). But we cannot say more for the moment.







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