Good to know: Shandarian culture is above all a culture of mind and space. Which are the expressions of 2 of the fundamental pillars of Shandarism. In this sense, the culture of the mind is the expression of the pillar of consciousness. The culture of space is the expression of the pillar of the universe. Finally, we add a third culture that is a culture of biology and genetics. Which is the expression of the third fundamental pillar of Shandarism: biology.

Culture of mind

Shandarian culture is partly a culture of mind and energy. In other words, it is a culture based on the psyche. In this sense, we integrate 3 essential elements which are:

Culture of space

To understand the Shandarian culture of space, it must start from fact that Shandarism is directly related to space and stars on several levels of its structure. First there are the three fundamental pillars, then the Shandarian thought and cosmology. Then the practice of shandarism and finally, the collective consciousness and the center of energy. From there, this culture of space is expressed and translated through the knowledge and practice of astronomy as well as the use of stellar and cosmic forces in unifications, rites and ceremonies. At last, there are Shandarian objects and utensils whose patterns and shapes are modeled on the image of space, its planets, stars and galaxies.

Culture of biology and genetics

In shandarism, the culture of biology and genetics is based on what is called shandarian genetism. The traditional definition of genetism is a psychological structure that develops with age and not innately. Shandarian genetism is totally different to give another definition more in line with Shandaria's thought and memory. Shandarian genetism is defined as the set of components of conscious and intelligent mastery of genetic information and its expressions. Which then allows to take control and direction of our own biological destiny.

If we do not take in hand our biological and genetic destiny, others will do it for us, and that to our own detriment. Therefore taking control of our own future genetics is the best preservation it is.

This is the real and ultimate goal of Shandarian genetism: keep in control of our biological destiny. Preserve our evolutionary freedom and not wake up one morning under the biological domination of who knows who. In this way, keep control of our biological and genetic destiny is a matter of survival. Nothing else.







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