What is Shandarian identity? Shandarian identity is not based on genetics (ie race or skin color) or on a language or collective belief. It is based on our life energy and its vibratory level. Our biological envelopes are only changeable instruments by a transfer of consciousness from one body to another. In this sense, we are conscious energies projected (incarnated) in a Human Biological Envelope (HBE) for a nesting sequence (reincarnation cycle) from 15,000 to 35,000 years.

Life energy and its vibrations

The life energy and its vibrations constitute the Shandarian identity. This life energy is then shaped by our collective memory which defines its vibratory frequency. Thus, our collective memory tells us what we are. In this way, this collective memory contains and expresses the following identity information:

  • We are entities of the cosmos issued from the source of life.
  • We are entities of pure energy manifesting in our vibratory force (strength of spirit).
  • We are entities of consciousness and intelligence that see and understand subtleties and hidden realities of world.
  • We are learned, creative entities expressing themselves through a high degree of erudition and creation on the cosmos.
  • We are telepathic entities manifesting our powers in our relationships with the universe and other lifeforms.

From this, this collective memory expresses itself on vibratory frequencies that are not based on vibrations of peace or love in a new-age spiritualistic delirium, but manifest themselves by high vibrations that elevate us in our relationship of density with this plan of materiality. A high vibratory frequency that allows us to be completely conscious and lucid. But also to access and communicate with subtle and invisible realities plans for the eye and the human body. Where we can fully and freely express and manifest our true vibratory identity without any further restrictions related to the limitation of matter and its density. In its invisible sense, all our life energies merge together to become a collective energy (egregor) on which the Shandarian sphere and dimension vibrates in the paraphysical plane (the astral world).

Our life energy is from cosmic source

As Shandarian, our life energy is not divine, since God does not exist. But from a cosmic source. In other words, it comes from the cosmos. More precisely, from the Source of life of the cosmos. This sphere of light located in the center of the latter and its various frequency bands, dimensions, parallel universes and realities. A sphere that can sometimes be seen during astral projection or NDE (Near Death Experience) depending on the vibratory level that we have during this moment.

The Vevaiótita

The Shandarian identity is translated by the Vevaiótita (Βεβαιότητα):

    1. I am Shandarian

    2. I am Consciousness

    3. I am Knowledge

    4. I am Intelligence

    5. I am Energy

    6. I am Power

The expression of our vibratory identity in the materiality

Staying in a state of high vibration so you do not do anything else after does not help much. It finally comes down to looking at the navel in a state of latent narcissism. What constitutes a loss of dimension, reality and energy in oneself. That's why these vibrations should be used for more useful and noble purposes than wasting it unnecessarily in a narcissistic and egocentric attitude. In this sense, it is better to use your vibrations to accomplish our Moira on this plane of reality. In other words, doing that's why we are implanted (reincarnated) in materiality and its forms. To do this, it is controlled and then channeled into the experience of reality and the creation of life. But also in the various manifestations of our psychic powers serving our Moira. Such is the use that gives the expression of our vibratory identity in the materiality of this world.

Function of the biological envelope

Our Human Biological Envelope (HBE) is the physical translation of our vibratory identity into matter, but it is not what we are intrinsically.

To understand this, we must assume that when we nid (reincarnate) our lack of awareness and discernment drives us to identify with our biological envelope. We believe then to be this envelope. But the reality is that we are not our body! Our real and true identity does not spring from biology, but from our life energy and consciousness. Our body is only the physical translation of this energy and its information. A translation expressing itself by the action of its DNA and its epigenetics. So for Shandarian, the biological envelope is nothing else than what it is. That's to say, an instrument of his/her consciousness serving as a biological medium for communicating, acting and interacting with his/her environment in materiality.

From there, the biological envelope becomes secondary to consciousness and its life force.

In this sense, our vibratory energy is our «Essence of life» (Ουσία της ζωής) while our biological envelope is our «Quintessence of life» (Πεμπτουσία της ζωής). This biological media and instrument can be Caucasian, Slavic, Nordic, African, Caribbean, Magrebian, Arabic, Asian, Latin, mixed race, man, woman, transgender or even hybrid or extraterrestrial. This has no influence on the Shandarian identity which will remain a vibratory energy issued from the life source of the cosmos. Racial, national or ethnic identity therefore has no meaning for a Shandarian.







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