Good to Know: That we accept it or not, sexuality is the expression in matter and its forms of a strong and powerful energy of the universe which is nothing else than the lifeforce itself. We can not deny or repress this force and power that flows in us, because it is related to its creative and procreative power participating in life and its continuity. As a result, sexuality is an important part of Shandarian lifestyle and culture.

Shandarian Sexuality

Shandarian sexuality is not a sacred sexuality, but a sexuality of the stars in the sense it connects the mind with the cosmos and stars. To understand it, one must first start from «The All». That's to say Cosmos (Κόσμος). In Shandarian cosmology, Cosmos has 4 elements which are matter (Υλικό), energy (Ενέργεια), space (Χώρος) and time (Χρόνος). In this sense, it must know that for us Shandarian, there are not the 4 elements of nature (earth, fire, water and air), but the 4 elements of the universe/cosmos. Otherwise said: space, time, energy and matter.

  • Energy and matter together form the matter-energy actum. It is the active and masculine side of the universe.
  • Space and time together form the space-time continuum. It is the passive and feminine side of the universe.

From there, these 4 elements form the basis of Shandarian sexuality:

The Matter is here biological material. This biological material is compartmentalized to give a shape. This is what is called in shandarian cosmology, «the forms of matter». For us human, this form of matter is a humanoid form (since the human body is of humanoid form). There are two complementary humanoid forms that are:

    A humanoid male form that emits life energy

    A humanoid female form that receives life energy

The Energy is the life energy, also called the vital energy. When this life energy is stimulated genitally, it is transformed into sexual energy. Since there are 2 humanoid forms, there are 2 forms of sexual energy that are male sexual energy - Omega (Ω) and female sexual energy - Alpha (Α).

The Space is the dimension, the volume, the place in which the sexual activity takes place. We define 2 types of spaces which are the physical space which is the place of mating. And the psychical/mental space which is that of the mind during sexual activity. For the sexual act be accomplished in its perfection, the two minds must meet together, connected in this mental space. As the two bodies find themselves connected in physical space.

The Time is the moment, the momentum in which sexual activity is done. Time is compressible and cyclical and depends on the duration and repetition of the sexual act itself. For example, a sexual relationship can last 5 minutes as 30 minutes depending on what is done. In other words, the time of the sexual relation can be compressed at 5 minutes as it can be extended to 30 minutes or 1 hour. The time is also cyclical. That's to say repetitive when you repeat the sexual act in the day, the week, the month.

Sexual action is the interaction of the 4 elements of the cosmos

Sexual action is nothing else than the activation and interaction of the four elements of the cosmos in which: Energy controls matter. That's to say, the life energy animates the forms of matter that touches, intertwines to finish connecting together and merge. Connection from the top, tongue against tongue and connection from below with the penis in the vagina. All this located in the space serving as a "natural container" for sexual activity and in time serving as Momentum allowing the sexual process to be done. In other words, if there was no time, there would be no momentum. Therefore, the man and the woman would not have the time (in the proper sense of the term), the sufficient duration to be able to mate and copulate in the space.

Sexual action generates the 2 interpenetrations of matter and energy. These 2 interpenetrations are then codified through what is called the sexual rite. For this rite to be fulfilled, it requires the use of a set of techniques and means, instruments grouped under the term of Shandarian hedonism. Shandarian sexuality is thus a mixture of sex, mystery, eroticism and occultism. If you want to know, it's like Stanley Kubrick's movie Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Where you have masked men and women performing a ritual and after fucking together.

Finally, to give meaning to the interaction of the 4 elements and to forms and results that it produces, it is attributed visible and hidden, occult symbolism. Otherwise it would make no sense and we would fall into the utter rout.

The expression of the life force

Sexual action is one of the most basic expressions of the life force of the cosmos. It is through this one that the cosmos manifests and experiences life, its reality and its energy. An event that takes two different aspects: biological and energetic.

    ➤ The biological aspect is the indirect expression of the life force. An indirect expression that leads to procreation. (Copulation> Fertilization> Maturation> Biological harvest). Which will allow the consciences remaining on the paraphysical plane (the beyond) to implant (incarnate) in the matter and its forms in order to make the experiment. Traditions call this "the vehicle of the soul" whereas for Shandarism, it is rather a natural biological medium communicating, executing and processing the information of our memory and consciousness on this plane of reality.

    ➤ The energetic aspect is the direct expression of the life force. A direct expression that leads to creation. The production and manifestation of sexual energy. A sexual energy that when it meets another sexual energy will merge together on other realities. This fusion of masculine and feminine sexual energies then creates a new energy and information of life participating in the existential continuity of the cosmos. Finally, the sperm (the semen of life) and the egg (the seed of life) are the translations and expressions in the materiality of male and female sexual energies.

So that's what Shandarian sexuality really is. A sexuality that encompasses the carnal and energetic aspect placed in a context that is not spiritual but cosmological and that links the sexual act to the cosmos and to its life forces.






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