Good to know: The social relations in shandarism are established on a natural psychic phenomenon in which a report of consciousness to consciousness, energy to energy and vibration to vibration is generated in order to be translated and expressed in the materiality through the acts and behaviors artificially regulated by a set of Shandarian rule and code based on the state of mindfulness (lucidity), logic (reason) and knowledge.

Consciousness-to-consciousness report

The Shandarian structure and social organization is in fact a transposition of the astral plane in which the most lucid and vibratory elevated consciousnesses are up (high consciousness). The less lucid and vibratory elevated consciousnesses are down (low consciousness). Then in the middle between, the consciousnesses at the halfway of this state of mindfulness and vibrations (medium consciousness). Hence the origin of the term high, medium and low consciousness. It is actually a single consciousness, the collective consciousness, but with different layers of consciousness and degree of energy. Which are compartmentalized to generate vectors of consciousness projecting individually in biological envelopes forming the Shandarians. From this, the relation and the communication is translated by the fact that the high consciences help the medium consciences to rise consciously and vibratily to their levels. Then in their turns, the medium consciousnesses help the lower consciousnesses to rise consciously and vibratoryly to their levels.

Important: In Shandarism, one cannot proclaim oneself "high consciousness" to flatter his ego or the lure of power. It's not only a title, but also a real degree of consciousness to develop. This title is not bought as one would buy a stock exchange. In this sense, becoming a high consciousness requires passing through the stages of low and medium consciousness with their results before. This requires years of work on oneself, recognition and initiation by the collective consciousness. If that is not the case, then it's only an impostor.

The expression in the materiality

The expression in the materiality of these consciousness-to-consciousness relationships constitutes social relations in Shandarism. These are based on 5 essential elements that are: the state of mindfulness, self-control, the collective spirit, the logic of preservation and communication.

1) Being in the state of mindfulness (Σαφήνεια). To establish healthy and logical social relations, one must be fully aware of one's own thoughts and emotions, but also of their translations into the matter (words and actions) as well as their physical and paraphysical effects and consequences.

2) Being in self-control (Αυτοέλεγχος). In a healthy and logical relationship, the mastery of one's thoughts and emotions placed under the lights of this state of mindfulness is essential. Because it allows to avoid illogical, toxic and destructive thoughts and emotions by committing the hybris (Υβρις).

3) Being in the collective mind (Κολεκτιβισμός). In a relationship, we are not alone, but two at least even more. So it is logical to see, think and act in terms of collectivism and not in terms of individualism. This limits blind, egocentric and selfish attitudes and behaviors as well as their toxic and destructive effects.

4) Being in the logic of preservation (Διατήρηση). In a healthy and logical relationship, it is fundamental to preserve a relationship if we want it exists and continues to exist. It is therefore necessary to preserve the psychic, energetic and biological integrity of individuals by refraining us from any destructive and toxic energies/actions against them. That's to say, mockery, criticism, insults, gossip, personal attacks on the psychic and energetic level. But also physical aggression, rape, murder, robbery, etc. on the physical and biological plane.

5) Being in communication (Επικοινωνία). For a social relationship to be established, it is necessary to communicate intelligently. That's to say, transmit information from one's consciousness/memory to that of one's interlocutor either directly through telepathy or indirectly via a medium that can be natural and biological (our body with the speech, gestures, etc.) or artificial (telephone, internet, video, etc.). But also that this information is constructive, logical and useful. Otherwise it is useless to transfer information from one consciousness to another.

Orientation and direction of consciousness

For a social relationship to last, develop and strengthen over time, it must be given orientation and direction in its different states and evolutionary stages. This direction and orientation is then ensured through the action of an authority. In this way, authority is not intended to enslave or abuse X or Y for the benefit of a person or a group of persons. But only to be the directive force that allows to affirm, respect in order to maintain the cohesion and the unity between all the consciences. Otherwise, permissiveness and laxity give way to chaos, anarchy and self-destruction. The exercise of this authority is called «power».

In religious societies, power belongs to the priests and clergy they constitute. In capitalist society, power belongs to those who own capital and its means of exploitation. In shandarism, power belongs to those with superior psychic and neurological abilities. That's to say, to high consciousnesses.

Why in Shandarism , power is reserved exclusively for those with superior psychic and neurological abilities? For the simple reason that high consciousnesses possess all consciousness, logic, knowledge, experience as well as all the psychic and energetic power sufficient to perform this function of authority. The specificities of the Shandarian system mean that the exercise of power requires enormous psychic and neurological capacities that are light years away from a simple function of association or society presidency. As a result, if you don't have these abilities and their total mastery, the exercise of Shandarian power becomes impracticable for you. From there, when the high consciences exert their powers to direct the consciences in their evolutions, they become what one calls «the masters of the spirits». Finally, we must know that in Shandarism, the word "power" has 2 complementary senses of each other: visible and invisible. In its visible sense, it is the exercise of authority. While in its invisible sense, it is the exercise of the powers of the mind.







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