Shandarian telepathy

Telepathy is not supernatural, magical, divine or satanic, it is a natural and usual mental process/capacity of the mind. In this sense, Shandarian telepathy is the science and technique of transmitting thought from one consciousness to another consciousness using the knowledge and principles of the mind physical laws as well as those of Shandarism. Shandarian telepathy is considered today as one of the most powerful telepathies of the world with those practiced by hybrids and extraterrestrials.

It is natural and normal to read the thoughts of others

In shandarism, reading people's minds or transferring one's consciousness to another's body is considered normal and natural. As normal and natural as drinking, eating, urinating, defecating, fucking or sleeping. So, the Shandarian who reads into another's thoughts only expresses and asserts his true nature and uses his psychic abilities. Ditto for hybrids and extraterrestrials who also read in the thoughts of others. They only express their potentials. There is nothing abnormal or reprehensible about doing that. A Shandarian does not need to ask permission to read other people's thoughts or to penetrate people's minds. He does it, that's all.

Being all vectors of Universal Consciousness without exception, our consciences interpenetrate naturally and involuntarily into each other at subtle levels and often unconscious. Therefore, the mere fact of penetrating the mind of a person voluntarily amounts to following the same natural process, but applying in a conscious and directed way.

To know: Whether you are Shandarian or non-Shandarian and you feel the need to express and develop your psi abilities, know that it's only your nature that seeks to express itself. There is nothing bad, wrong, abnormal, or weird about that. You only follow your normal and natural evolution. On the other hand, what is not normal and unnatural is to prevent you from growing up, from censoring the free expression of your nature and mental power in order to not disturb or frighten the weak, mediocre and uneducated people of this planet.

The 2 phases in learning telepathy

Telepathy is a natural and innate faculty that we all have in us. And that we are Shandarian or non-Shandarian. But for this faculty to be fully expressive, it must be stimulated then train to be mastered. Otherwise the latter remains in the latent state making us non-telepathic or manifesting a wild telepathy, because not mastering.

In this process of stimulation and control of this natural and usual faculty of telepathy, we have 2 phases of learning.

The first phase is the « informal phase». It starts from the first day of arrival of the newcomer in the circle. During this phase, the communications will be transmitted to him/her by the thought to accustom his/her unconscious as well as his brain to the reality of the phenomenon. Let him/her become aware of what telepathy really is by experience in the field, in real life and not in theory or books. The fact of being in contact with real telepath person will then stimulate his/her unconscious and push him/her to do the same. It's like learning your mother tongue. When we are newborn, we do not speak the language of our parents, but we listen. Then by imitation, we will want to begin to imitate what they say with chirps and babbling. Then we will begin to form the first words and so on. In the informal phase of learning telepathy, it is exactly the same principle. The newcomer is exposed to the telepathy of the oldest. Then when he/she is ready, he/she will begin by mimicry his/her first telepathic manifestations. We are talking here about an informal phase, because there is no framing, no format, no training (and without good/bad value judgment, no criticism, insult or mockery) to just let the free telepathic expression happen.

The second phase is « the formal phase» . It begins during the study of the human psyche. During this phase, we will begin specific and adapted mind exercises to structure and master the telepathic powers expressed during the informal phase and thus move on to the next level. The goal is for the Shandarian to be able to read the thoughts of the people he meets or communicate with, but also to be able to convey his own thoughts in the minds of anyone, anywhere and anytime. In other words become a full-fledged telepath in the same way as hybrids and extraterrestrials. In this process, the more the Shandarian goes telepathic, the more he will improve to become stronger in this domain. As the saying goes: «practice makes perfect». To develop telepathic powers, there is no secret, we have to work on a daily basis.

These two « informal» and « formal» phases then constitute the two stages of the Shandarian method for learning, developing and perfecting one's telepathic powers.

Note: Faced with non-telepaths, the Shandarian shows nothing and has nothing to prove with skeptics. He simply hides his psychic abilities and uses them only when he needs them. In no case, the latter cannnot bridle or renounce to his natural power and legitimate right that is telepathy.







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