Shandarism is a system of reality and energy animated and controlled by a collective consciousness and intelligence and expressed through the action of its biological vectors located in a dimensional sequence.

James Shandar is the founder of Shandarism and first of all Shandarians. He is not considered a master or a guru, but only as the one who is at the origin.

We are adogmatic in essence. We only use Shandarian cosmology which contains information about the universe, consciousness, life and accomplishment as a reality in which we are present and evolve.

No, we are atheists. For us Shandarian the universe was created from a source code and not from the work of any god. Supreme authority is the cosmos, which imposes its physical and metaphysical laws in a natural way. For example: the law of gravity, the movements of electrons in an atom, the laws governing space and time, etc.

We are Shandarian. We are not christian, buddhist or newager. We have our own teachings. So, it is logic that we don't follow these "people" and theirs teachings.

We have no supreme leader or master. We are auto-guided by our collective Consciousness (egregore) and memories acting according to the laws of the universe, under the reign of the universal consciousness - by the great cosmos.

Shandarian practice is a lifestyle based on the experience of reality, mastery of the body and mind as well as psi abilities. At last, we are the practice of the unification, rites, ceremonies and celebrations. We have no worship.

Shandarism brings knowledge of the mysteries of the cosmos, the mastery as well as good health of body and mind, the expansion of consciousness and the development of their psi abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreams, astral travel, psychokinesis).

You must be accepted and accomplish the Threshold (ceremony of initiation) to be recognized by our collective consciousness.

Yes, we are. This explains why there is no public picture and video of us, no member's identity published, no physical address of our circle on yellow pages or in public registers.

We don't need enemies to exist or to reject what is wrong with our lives. However some non-Shandarian people can consider us as their enemies.

Non-shandarians are nothing else than what they are. That's to say, non-shandarian and lifeform existing in the universe. The concepts of disbelievers, infidels or heretics do not exist for us Shandarian. In this sense, we have no contempt or hatred for them.







Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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