The source of life is a sphere of plasma containing memory, consciousness and intelligence of the cosmos, the universe and life.

No, God is by definition a supreme being creator of all things, while the Source of life is not a supreme being or creator, but the source from which the integrality of cosmos is diffused and unfolded.

The Cosmos is a living energetic and informational entity that is conscious, intelligent and dynamic. We are all units of this energetic and informational entity. The Cosmos is the continuum and extension of the Source of Life.

The Cosmos is the all of what is. Conversely, the universe is the content of dimensions including planets, stars and galaxies.

The physical plane is the plane of space and time, of energy and matter taking the form of the universe with its planets, stars and galaxies as well as their dimensions.

The paraphysical plane is parallel-transcendental to the physical plane. It is the matricial plane, an energy density field composed of trillions of trillions of frequency bands. This plan is known as the astral plane, where souls and deaths dwell.

Galaxia is the Shandarian name of the Milky Way, the galaxy we are in today. Solaria is the Shandarian name of the solar system. At last, Gaia is the planet earth.

The universe is the environment that makes possible our nidation and reality experiences. This is a vast experimental field for life and its universal force.

By densification, fragmentation and structuring of the life-energy that gives birth to particles, atoms, molecules, elements and stellar body. All this orchestrated by the memory and energy of the cosmos. So there was no Big Bang.

The universe follows a life cycle composed of 3 phases which are the creation, the expansion, and the compression which acts as destruction. Then open a new cycle with a new creation phase and so on. This dynamic and evolutive cycle allows the universe to be a better version of itself at each new cycle.

We are interdependent, conscious and intelligent energetic units issued from the source of life.

The lifeforce is the given to life-energy diffused on the plan of emergence by the source of life. Each of us are a lifeforce.

We self-generate (self-create) on the source plane of the cosmos by using the surrounding energy in order to respond to cosmic imperative. Then we descend on the plane of emergence to respond to it through our own existence, our actions and creations.

La Moira is our mission of life. The latter is updated after each bioenergetic nidation. Each Moira responds to a piece of the cosmic imperative. The accomplishment of the Moira is done on the physical plane of the cosmos.

We accomplish our Moira through the experience of the reality of the universe in its various and multifaceted domains. To do this, we use bioenergetic nidation and the way of Shandarian.

Itís the transfer of the lifeforce into a receptacle of life in order to be in accordance with the physical and material environment during the accomplishment of our Moira. Bioenergetic nidation is synonymous with metempsychosis or ďreincarnationĒ.

It is a mono or multicellular organism that welcomes and receives the lifeforce coming to nest in the physical world.

Itís the process of bioenergetic nidation of the life force in which the latter is transferred a receptacle of life leading to its vitalization. This transfer can be natural (reincarnation) or artificial.

No, it is a concept and a Manichean system artificially invented by man and which has value and meaning only for those who adhere to it. In nature as well as in the other dimensions of the cosmos, good and evil as well as morality donít exist. Shandarian cosmology also rejects good, evil and morality. in this way, we are not immoral, but amoral.

They are nothing but natural consequence of man's hubris pushed by his own beliefs, values and visions in discordance with the life and nature of this planet.

The hubris is the set of thoughts, energies and actions in discordance with the axis of life thus generating blockages, imbalances and aberrations during our nidation in the materiality.

In the accomplishment of the Moira, obstacles teach us what is possible and what is not. Problems are an opposite force that pushes us to act in order to become intellectually better by finding solutions. Failures show us how to succeed in what we do by the contrast of experience. Adversity is a force that forces us to strengthen ourselves, be resilient and thus become psychically, energetically and biologically better.

Vitalization is the result of the lifeforce nidation in its life-receptacle in order to vivify it. Conversely, the devitalization is the result of withdrawal of this same lifeforce. When the receptacle is devitalized it becomes an organic waste. In this sense, vitalization and devitalization are synonymous with birth and death.

We come back on the paraphysical plane attached to the frequency band and the memory with which we are in syntonism.

We will return to the Source of Life (apocatastasis) to dissolve ourselves in it. We will thus become the source of all things and the cosmos itself.







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According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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