The Shandarian culture is the set of rules, codes and principles regulating our presence, behavior and activity in dimensional sequences (space-time continuum).

Shandarian culture is the encounter and fusion of three cultures that are the culture of mind, the culture of space and the culture of biology.

Culture of mind is the set of knowledge, rules, behaviors and know-how in terms of erudition, logic and psi abilities applied in everyday life.

Telepathy is an integral part of Shandarian identity and lifestyle. This practice is considered as normal and natural for us. We are not real Shandarian if we don't practice telepathy.

Yes, of course

Rarely, because we don't have a great need of it.

It is the fact of using logic mind in our reasoning every day in order to respond adequately to the conjunctures imposed on us and thus, avoid the appearance of the hubris.

Scientific knowledge of the universe and astronomy, the mind and its capabilities, human anatomy and physiology, biology and genetics as well as sexuality and human reproduction.

To meet our own evolutive needs and improve what we are. It's just logical.

It's a culture of science, action and logic oriented towards the universe, its planets, stars and galaxies. But also by extension, oriented towards the parallel universes and dimensions. Astronomy is the central pillar of this culture.

They exist.

It is a scientific and medical culture based on knowledge and mastery of the human body, its genetic information, its sexuality and reproduction.

We use Greek culture for our needs, but we don't have an artistic culture proper. We are above all researchers and experiencers with a scientific culture integrated into our everyday life. Shandarians are not artists.

The shandarian identity can be summed up in 6 points united under the term of Vevaiótita (Βεβαιότητα): I am Shandarian, I am Consciousness, I am Knowledge, I am Intelligence, I am Energy, I am Power.

We are cosmic beings incarnated/nested in human carnal envelopes. The mind surpasses matter. In this sense, Shandarians don't see themselves as humans or belong to humanity. But rather as lifeforces of the cosmos using human envelopes and owning their own cultures, memories, consciences and collectives intelligences.

Yes, it is based on superior psychic, energetic and neurological abilities. The telepathically advanced Shandarians are at the top of the social hierarchy.

No, we don't wear any visible distinctive signs. Shandarian can be man or woman, tall or small, dark, brown, blond or redhead. White, black, asian, arab, latino, mixed race or other. From the outside, there is no way to distinguish a Shandarian from a non-Shandarian.

Thanks to the vibratory frequency, there is a psychic and energetic connection which takes place automatically. We then mutually challenge each other. The only concern is that we also get the energies of some non-shandarians, especially psychics or people with special psi abilities. To avoid confusion, there are secret codes to know and transmit by telepathy.

Shandarian manners and customs are based on self-control, logical mind to do and collectivism expressed through thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviors. Apart from codes and procedures to follow, there is no moral or ideological restriction regarding shandarian manners and customs.

Yes, nudity is tolerated. The human body is considered as a biological instrument used by the Shandarian and his lifeforce. The anatomical knowledge of human body being acquired, there are no moral, ideological or cultural taboos about the latter. As a result, nudity is not shocking for Shandarians and it is fully tolerated. Finally, it is important to know that the ritual nudity is also practiced in Shandarism like in certain rites of magic.

No, sexuality is neither taboo nor bad for a Shandarian. Sexuality is considered as natural and its subject can be freely talked in a direct and unambiguous way.

Yes, Shandarian sexuality is totally free in the limit where its practices are not a risk for the health and the balance of the biological envelope used by the Shandarian. The concepts of virginity, purity, lust and fornication don't exist in Shandarism. Even if we know and understand them. At last, you must know that sexual practices are associated with telepathic practices among Shandarians.

The polyamory is freely practiced for the knowledge of the life by the experience, expression of energy, but also for a wide sharing of this same energy as well as its information on the psychic and telepathic plane. However, don't confuse polyamory with polygamy. These are 2 totally different things. Shandarism forbids polygamy and polyandry, but permits and practices polyamory. Finally, you must know that polyamory is not an obligation. Some shandarians practice it while others do not.







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