Shandarism follows a cycle composed of several phases which are the mastery and the maintenance of the body and mind, the experience of reality, the unification as well as the rites, ceremonies and celebrations.

The Shandarian lifestyle is nothing more than the integration of the cycle of practice into existence of the initiates. In this sense, the lifestyle and practice of Shandarism are one and only thing.

The way of Shandarian is to accomplish our Moira through experience and knowledge of reality, but also through self-control, the logical mind and the use of the creative powers of thought according to the mindset and principles of Shandarism.

By passing an initiation ceremony called the Threshold.

Itís an experience and initiatic journey of the mind into another reality that makes pass a threshold of consciousness to the newcomer. Where, the latter becomes a real Shandarian. But initiation is also the gateway to the cycle of practice.

Through the experience of reality that updates the memory as well as the energy field of the Shandarian.

The experience of reality is the universal means of acquiring knowledge through the action and observation of the action as well as its result. In function that one is at the degree of low, medium or high consciousness, experience of reality shifts in the matter-energy actum of the cosmos. Otherwise said, we will have the experience of matter for low consciousness. The experience of matter-energy for the medium consciousness and the experience of energy for the high consciousness. These are experiences of density of cosmos energy.

Everything depends on the level of Shandarian consciousness. When the latter is in a state of low consciousness, the experience of reality is mainly in matter through the receptacle of life (human body). Thatís to say, in real life, in contact with non-shandarians and nature. Then when he/she reaches the degree of medium consciousness, one shifts to experience the matter-energy through the states of modified consciousness and lucid dreams. Finally, when the latter is in the degree of high consciousness, one shifts even further in order to experience energy through astral projection and the transfer of consciousness.

Our carnal envelopes, which are also the receptacles of life in which our lifeforce is nested, has the function of being the instrument of consciousness allowing us to be present, act, communicate and evolve in the matter in order to experience its reality.

These are psychic instruments that allow the Shandarian to better communicate, use and manage his experience of reality. Telepathy and clairvoyance for low consciousness. Lucid dreams and remote vision for the medium consciousness. Finally, astral travel and psychokinesis for the high consciousness.

These are the actions and processes that make possible the knowledge and mastery of the carnal envelope as well as the mind and its powers. From there, they can correctly be used during the experience of reality.

This is the set of hygienic rules and actions allowing the optimal use of the instruments (carnal envelope and mind) through time and space. Together, they form the Shandarian hygienism.

Unification is a collective psychic and energetic exercise to unify and merge the mind of all Shandarians into one collective consciousness. Unification has an informative, purifying and regenerative function for the consciousness, memory and energy. Itís through this exercise that the Shandarian teachings are transmitted, the mind is relieved and itís energy level regenerated. Unification is practiced in assembly on a center of energy.

An assembly is a private or secret meeting of Shandarian gathered on the Domatio of an energy center in order to form and/or access the collective consciousness of Shandarism.

The Energy Center is an artificially closed structure of matter and energy used as meeting and regeneration place for Shandarians. Entry is strictly forbidden to non-Shandarians, unless they are called to be initiated.

The domatio also called the «grand chamber» is a zone of space-time, a dimension dedicated to the shandarian assemblies as well as the accomplishment of unifications, rites, ceremonies and celebrations.

It symbolizes Galaxia, the Milky Way in which we are now. But this spiral is also the nexus of the vortex opening on other plans of mind realities.

The shandarian rites and ceremonies have function to update the Shandarian mind/energy from quantum state to another so he can continue his progress on the way of Shandarian and thus fully accomplish his Moira.

There are in Shandarism rites of power using the psychic and egregoric energy as they are practiced in high magic.

The celebration is the set of psychic and energetic processes codified, controlled and directed in order to update the collective memory of the Shandarians. The latter is declined into 14 other celebrations using both a solar and lunar calendar.

The 14 celebrations have the function of refocusing us on our axis of life as well as on the way of the shandarian in order to give a sense and meaning to our practice.

No, this is strictly reserved for initiates and members of our circle only.

The seal of secrecy is both a law and a mental process for protecting and preserving Shandarism's energy, space, time and information against various aberrations and antagonisms.







Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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