10 Misconceptions about Shandarism and the Shandarians

Shandarism needs that its members remain psychologically balanced, lucid, in good health without financial problems to carry out our activities. Having a herd of sheep totally blind, ignorant, stupid and fanatic in our ranks would be useless. That kind of person would clutter us more than anything else. So, being a cult would be counterproductive to our interests.

Gurus, prophets and messiahs are prohibited in Shandarism. James Shandar is just the founding father and first shandarian. Nothing else.

Shandarism is not a New Age movement for the simple reason that many concepts contained in the New Age are in complete contradiction with Shandarian thought and therefore incompatible with it. Indeed, the New Age focuses on astrology and religious conceptions. Many of them are also prohibited in the practice of Shandarism.

Shandarism is universalist and not humanist. In this way, we have a broader view of things and are not limited to man unlike philosophies, spirituality and religions. For us, man is not a divine, sacred or untouchable being , but only a lifeform among others living and evolving in the universe. As a result, we refuse to place human in the center of everything, put the latter on a pedestal and even less to recognize him as superior or divine being. We have nothing to do with the excessive ego and the little vanity of man.

There is no reason that we hurt you if you don't start hostilities. Now if you think we are dangerous, it's only because you feel unsecure with yourself and you project your fears, paranoia and phantasms on us. Consult a psychiatrist!

As Shandarian, we don't believe neither in God nor the Devil. In this case, difficult to worship something in which one does not believe.

Shandarian telepathy is only used to communicate and acquire knowledge, not to abuse people. We are more civilized than many non-telepaths.

Stellar sexuality (Shandarian sexuality) is governed by ritual and ceremonies excluding sex orgies. Now if there are sex orgies, they are made outside of shandarian practices.

Prostitution is not practiced in Shandarism, and Shandarian law prohibits prostitution in all its forms.

Shandarism prohibites polygamy but accepts and practices polyamory. Polyamory is not polygamy. They are 2 differents things.

We only work for ourselves and are our own boss. Shandarism follows its own goals and protect its interests regardless of any alien races.







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