1.What is Shandarophobia?

Shandarophobia is a fear, phobia of Shandarism and Shandarian from non-shandarians. At the origine of this, there is the lack of consciousness, knowledge and logic. Otherwise said: ignorance. But also the difference of culture, mindset, abilities and the non-compliance with the established values, principles and beliefs. This igorance and non-compliance brings people to create their own fears about Shandarism: Shandarophobia. Then, to justify their fears, they will seach facts and distort these latter or again creating them. This will give rise to fake beliefs and misconceptions about Shandarians and Shandarism.

There are 2 kinds of Shandarophobia: passive and active

    ➤ Passive Shandarophobia is defined as fear without hostile action. Everything remain in the head with words of hate, insults hiding fear of Shandarians.

    ➤ Active Shandarophobia is defined as fear with hostile action such as verbal or physical aggression, vandalism.

2. Anti-Shandarism

The anti-shandarism is the consequence of Shandarophobia. It results in a systematically negative, suspicious or hostile position towards Shandarism, its cosmology, culture and lifestyle. The anti-shandarians blame us for:

  • Our non-compliance with humano-human standards (culture, mindset, values, beliefs, etc)
  • Our absence of empathy, humanity & moral
  • Our culture of secrecy and elitist spirit
  • Our mind of domination over others
  • Our use of telepathy over people
  • Our sexual freedom and customs

3. Recognize the signs of Shandarophobia and anti-shandarism

The following signs demonstrate the presence of shandarophobia and anti-shandarism.

  • Hateful speech, insults against Shandarian
  • Fake news & fear-mongering about Shandarism
  • Hostile behavior and actions
  • Accusation of Sectarism

4. How to manage Shandarophobia?

The reality is that the vast majority of non-shandarian does not care of Shandarism as long as we don't impose them our thinking, culture and customs and we don't threat or attack them. But there will always be a minority of people afraid by Shandarism, our vision, mindset, culture and lifestyle.

In this way, hostile people to Shandarism are a minority. The majority has other concerns than us. This means that Shandarophobia is really a very minor phenomenon and therefore there is no need to be paranoid and see threats on every street corner. We just have to remain vigilant without falling into a delusion of persecution.

Don't respond to their provocations for not playing their games, refuse to be in a «victim mentality» and block their minds and energies. At last, apply the fourth fundamental duty in case of physical attack in order to protect oneself and thus preserve one's psychic, energetic and biological integrity.

Weak minds tend to feel insecure and persecute. Strong minds no, because they know they have the means to protect themselves and come out victorious and always stronger. We are Shandarians, our mental and neurological abilities are far superior to those of our human detractors. As a result, we must not fear adversity or possible conflicts with them.

Good to know: Shandarophobia and anti-shandarism help us to become stronger. The more they will attack us, the more they will strengthen us to finally be immunized against them and thus survive, exist longer than our detractors and attackers. In this way, anti-shandarians do us service without even being aware of it. Never fear making enemies; if you do not have one, you have done nothing.







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