The practice of Shandarism and the Shandarian lifestyle are only one thing. There is no separation between them, because the Shandarian practice is a lifestyle. Whether it is one or the other, it is to follow the way of the Shandarian. Way in which the experience of reality is the central element. Around this central element is mastery and hygiene of body and mind, unification, rites, ceremonies and celebration.

Final purpose of Shandarian practice as well as the way of Shandarian is to accomplish our Moira, our mission of life. This in order to fully self-realize ourselves and pass the next stage of our collective evolution.

Please note that unification, rites, ceremonies and celebration are not worship. Shandarism is adogmatic and acultual, it does not possess or follow any dogma or worship.






Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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