What is concealment of the Shandarian identity?

The concealment of the Shandarian identity is called Apókrypsi (Απόκρυψη) that can be translated by dissimulate, hide. This practice is used to keep the seal of secrecy and protect his/her life in the following cases:

  • Constraint to protect his/her life
  • Serious danger requiring protection of Shandarism
  • Stratagem against antagonists

How to apply the Apókrypsi?

Apókrypsi can only be applied with non-shandarians. That's to say the non-initiates. It does not apply between Shandarian because of the action of collective consciousness and telepathy that nullifies its validity.

So to practice Apókrypsi, you must declare that:

  • You are not Shandarian
  • You do not know what Shandarism is
  • You do not know any member of Shandarism
  • You are anti-shandarian or you belong to another community (1)
  • Don't speak or see publicly others Shandarians
  • Hide any physical or digital object that links you to Shandarism.
  • Create fake statements, documents and antedate to misinform researchers and their investigations
  • Create deliberate inconsistencies and illusions to sow doubt and confusion (2)
  • Be discreet on the path of energy center and your return from it. Take a health walk!
  • Use only telepathy to communicate with others Shandarians
  • Dissimulate your psi capacities to non-shandarians
  • Use secret codes and passwords

Morality and Apókrypsi

The concepts of good and evil on which morality is based don't exist in Shandarian thought and mind. We are amorous by nature. That's to say, we don't adhere to any form of morality whether ideological, philosophical or spiritual. In this sense, the practice of Apókrypsi cannot be considered as bad or immoral for a Shandarian. We only do what we have to do without moral judgment by adapting ourselves to the conjunctures imposed on us in a logical and knowledge mind. Finally, remember that only inferior intelligences and uneducated people judge and criticize what they see and hear. Because they have neither the level of knowledge, nor the level of intelligence and consciousness to understand the ins and outs in this kind of business. Thus, they only oppose their own values and beliefs face of what they see taken in the illusion of appearances and materiality.

(1) Even if you declare to be anti-shandarian, the collective consciousness will continue to recognize you as long as there is no betrayal and your statements are used only as subterfuges for the 4th fundamental duty or deceiving our antagonisms.

(2) The ultimate goal of the Apókrypsi is to persuade researchers and investigators that Shandarism and its members do not exist, we are a hoax, a fake news. If they believe we are a hoax, then they will not look any further and the seal of secrecy is preserved.







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