Good to know: The initiation ceremony (Τελετή της μύησης) is to open and pass the mind of the newcomer (neophyte) from his current level of consciousness to another higher level of consciousness on which the Shandarian collective consciousness is present. Where he or she (if it's a woman) will pass a threshold of consciousness and vibratory state making the latter a new version of himself or herself. Version through which he/she will be able to follow the way of the shandarian in order to fulfill his/her Moira and thus self-realize to his/her full potential.

The initiation is a process of passage, of transformation from one vibratory state to another; and the initiation ceremony, the procedure, and the environment for performing the said process of transformation.

The meaning of Shandarian initiation

In occult traditions, the neophyte is symbolically dead to reborn after as an initiate. But in Shandarian thought, the meaning is completely different because death simply does not exist. We even say that death is only virtuality. In other words, an experience of reality similar to a lucid dream. As a result, the newcomer can not be "symbolically" dying, and reborn after, since death does not exist as such! In this sense, there is no symbolic death and rebirth, but rather the transition from a state of consciousness and vibration to another state of consciousness and vibration through an experience made by the initiate.

From this, the meaning given to Shandarian initiation is that it is the vehicle by which man and woman transcend his/her level of consciousness and reality to enter and be in another level of consciousness and reality enlarging his/her perception as well as his/her understanding of the universe, of life and of him/herself.

Preparation for initiation

In preparation for initiation, the newcomer must be totally washed and undressed. Then he must be driven and escorted by 2 hostesses to the door of Domatio (Δωματιο). The hostesses knock twice at the door to indicate the presence of the newcomer. After a few moments, the door opens and the newcomer is invited to enter inside. Here, the initiation ceremony can finally begin.

How is the initiation ceremony held?

The structure of the shandarian initiations contains 4 elements which are:
  1. The initiator who is the first hostess (Δεσπονια)
  2. The initiate/neophyte who is the newcomer (Νεοφερμένος)
  3. The place of initiation which is the Domatio (Δωματιο)
  4. The initiatic instruments that are hypnosis (Υπνωση) and astral projection (Αστρικο ταξιδι)

From there, the initiation ceremony follows the following protocol: 

1) The newcomer appears in the middle of the circle facing the first hostess wearing a Venetian mask and a red dress

2) The first hostess looks at him the newcomer right in the eyes through his mask and he/she goes into a trance

3) The first hostess takes the newcomer out of his/her body and brings his/her life essence into the Shandarian collective consciousness

4) Out of his/her body, the newcomer experiences another reality and information that brings him to a new threshold of consciousness

5) The 2 hostesses covers the body of the initiate of the Black Rompa (Μαύρο ρόμπα) of the low consciousnesses while the other members of the circle make their entries forming a circle around the coated body.

6) The first hostess brings back the newcomer in his/her body and wake his/her up

7) The new-brother or new-sister kneels before the assembly and pronounces our oath of allegiance:

«I pledge allegiance to one Consciousness, one Thought and one Energy, according to the laws of the universe, under the reign of universal consciousness.»

8) The assembly raises head towards the universe and the stars as a sign of acceptance and gratitude.

If you are afraid of OBE experience at the time of the ceremony, know that:

  • No, it's not dangerous for your health, your body is not going to stop living the time you're away
  • No, you will not encounter bad entities since you remain in our collective consciousness space
  • No, you will not get lost, since you stay with the hostess all the way through this trip
  • No, you're not going to get your body stolen, since the other 2 hostesses are watching over it while you're away
  • No, you will not stay stuck, since the hostess will make you return to your body after.
  • And no, you're not going to have a "karma of shit" because karma does not exist. It's a belief, not a reality

Finally, be aware that people who claim that OBE (Out of Body Experience) are dangerous only express their ignorance and their fears related to this ignorance. No, the Out of Body Experience is not dangerous.

About the nudity of the newcomer: Nudity during initiation indicates that the newcomer reveals him/herself to the naturalness of what he or she is, without concealment or artifice, in all his/her entirety in order to enter into a true, healthy and authentic osmosis with the Universal consciousness and become one with the all, with the cosmos. Now if nudity disturbs you from an ethical and moral point of view, You must know that in Shandarism, it's like in medicine, no part of the human anatomy is taboo. There is no good or bad judgment. You will be not judged, criticized or mocked about your body. Remember that Shandarian initiators are mature and intelligent people who have experience, knowledge, clairvoyance and self-control.

Rules and prohibitions during the initiation ceremony

In order to preserve the physical, mental and energetic integrity of the initiate, but also to preserve the integrity of the spirit and meaning of the rite, initiation ceremonies follow the 3 basic rules.

Rule # 1: The rite of initiation must be practiced in its strict orthodoxy. That's to say, be applied while remaining faithful to the spirit, the acts and behaviors dictated by Shandarism.

Rule # 2: The rite of initiation must be practiced with knowledge, intelligence, clairvoyance, self-control, detachment, seriousness and professionalism.

Rule # 3: The physical, mental, and energetic integrity of the initiate must be preserved so that he/she is in full capacity to follow the way of Shandarian

Respect for this physical, mental and energetic integrity is expressed by the following prohibitions:

  • Any words and acts of mockery, of initiate's humiliation is forbidden
  • Any thoughts, words, and acts designed to create fear, anguish, anxiety, or traumatize the initiate are forbidden.
  • Any physical and/or verbal attacks against the initiate are forbidden
  • Any hazing of newcomers and initiates are strictly forbidden
  • Any "Wandering hands", sexual touching and rubbing of bodies are forbidden
  • Any sexual practices (fellatio, coitus, etc.) before, during and after the initiation ceremony with the initiate are forbidden
  • Any proposals, incentives to consume alcohol or drug to the initiate are prohibited.

Any Shandarian who violates these rules will be brought before a court of our circle for their transgressions and their physiological (on the body and mind of initiate) and energetic consequences. In addition, it is asking to the intiate to refuse any sexual requests, participation in hazing or any other actions undermining and detrimental to his/her own physical and mental integrity.







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