Good to know: Self-mastery is essential on the way of Shandarian, because it allows us to take control of who we are as well as our future and evolution on the different vibratory planes of the cosmos. This self-control touches 2 aspects of our presence in the materiality that are our body and our mind. In this way, self-control is the result of the mastery of our biological envelope as well as our consciousness and life force. There is no complete and authentic self-mastery without the conscious and voluntary control of these.

The mastery of the body

The mastery of the body, also called biological mastery is the conscious and voluntary control of vital functions and physiological parameters of the body by simple and natural techniques of mental concentration, movement and breathing. However, we can only master what we know. In this sense, the mastery of our body requires its knowledge. More precisely, knowledge of its anatomy and physiology. But this knowledge of our own body also allows us to avoid doing anything and everything and putting ourselves unnecessarily in danger. Hence the study and the obligatory knowledge of the human body, its structure and its functioning for us Shandarian.

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Once the knowledge of our body and its functioning acquired, the Shandarian can master it by 3 degrees of mastery corresponding to the 3 degrees of consciousness.

    ➤ The first degree is systemic mastery. Reserved for Shandarians of the degree of low consciousness, these are mind-body exercises of conscious control of the 5 biological senses, organs, biological systems, biological fluids, and finally, biological functions.

    ➤ The second degree is cellular mastery. Reserved for shandarians of the degree of the medium consciousness, this level of mastery consists in improving the biological resilience through the strengthening of the immune system as well as the control of the process of self-healing and the acceleration of the cicatrisation.

    ➤ The third degree is genetic mastery. Reserved for the shandarians of the degree of the high consciousness, it is here exercises of mental control of the DNA and its genetic information for the slowing down of the aging as well as the rejuvenation of the body.

The mastery of the mind

The mastery of the mind is complementary to the mastery of the body. Together, they constitute the true and authentic self-control. The mastery of the mind is defined as the conscious and voluntary control of our energy system, our memory and its productions (thoughts and emotions), but also our perception as well as its psychic commands (the attention and the intention). The mastery of our mind allows us not only to have control of ourselves, but also to have control of the reality and vibratory energy in which we are projected. In this way, we can use both our mind and its vibratory environment optimally for the accomplishment of our Moira. However, to be fully applicable, this mastery also requires knowledge.

Knowledge & psychic culture

Like the mastery of the body, there is no mastery of the mind without a correct and fair knowledge of its structures and operations. Which brings us to the necessity of the acquisition and the obligatory comprehension of the knowledge of our psychic apparatus as well as its energy systems. From here, we can begin to master the latter through psychic culture. That's to say exercises of conscious and voluntary control of our energy system, our perception/consciousness as well as our mental productions that are thoughts and emotions.

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Once one's mind is mastered through knowledge and psychic culture, one can begin to use it. This use will then be translated by the manifestation of the mind powers (Η δύναμη της σκέψης) in which:

    ➤ Conscious, voluntary and controlled use of perception gives rise to clairvoyance, remote viewing and lucid dreams.

    ➤ Conscious, voluntary and controlled use of thought gives rise to telepathy and telepsychia.

    ➤ Conscious, voluntary and controlled use of lifeforce and emotions gives rise to astral projection and psychokinesis.

The maintenance of self-mastery

For this self-mastery, including conscious and voluntary self-control of the body and mind continues, it is essential that it be maintained. For this purpose, there are two degrees to maintain self-mastery that are complementary to each other. Both must therefore be used.

The first degree is simply the use of mastery. In other words, using the conscious and voluntary control of one's body and mind every day during one's daily activities as well as in the accomplishment of the Moira.

The second degree is the maintenance of the body and the mind. In this sense, we can only control what works correctly. In order to the body and mind can function properly, these must be maintained through the practice of Shandarian hygienism. So, the hygiene of body and mind is complementary to self-control. There is no self-control without proper self-hygiene.







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