Good to know: The experience of reality is the central practice of Shandarism. It is in fact intimately related to the vibratory frequencies of the cosmos and its physical and para-physical planes. It's through the experience of reality and its observation that comes true knowledge of things. A knowledge that allows us to progress freely on the way of the Shandarian to fully self-realize and thus accomplish our Moira.

The reality experience is the first of the four functions or Λ1 that composes the Shandarian practice. Execute through the matrix of function (Mλ) and its instruments Iλ, the latter consists of setting intentions and actions, then observing them and living them in a state of mindfulness in order to learn and progress on the way of Shandarian.

To do this, the reality experience is structured in 4 elements that are:

  • The program of life that contains our destiny, why we are here
  • The experimental field which is the environment in which the program is executed
  • The experiencer that is the processor that runs the program
  • The experimental actum which is the execution of the program

From there, the operation of the reality experience is relatively simple. To understand it, one must take into account the physical and para-physical plane of the cosmos. In the paraphysical plane, reality exists in all its different versions at the same time. From there, through his intention and attention, the «experiencer» consciousness will execute his «life program» by connecting to a pre-existing version of reality of the paraphysical plane. Then through the action of its biological envelope or «experimental actum», this last actualize this version of reality on the physical plane in the «experimental field». This actualization experienced by the consciousness will generate an experience of reality. This experience will then update the memory of the consciousness as well as its vibratory rate. Thus making it progress gradient by gradient on the way of Shandarian.

The 3 degrees of reality experience

When we are projected into materiality, we all have 2 parallel lives. One lived in matter through the biological envelope and the other on the vibratory plane whose dream and astral projection are the ways of access and communication between them. From there, these present and existing lives are manifested for the Shandarian on the 3 degrees of consciousness and reality. Namely low, medium and high consciousness and reality. Through his thoughts and intentions, consciousness is a generator of reality. Low consciousness generates the low reality that is the reality of matter. The medium consciousness generates the medium reality which is the reality of matter-energy. Finally, the high consciousness generates the high reality that is the reality of energy.

    ➤ In the low reality, consciousness uses the biological envelope to manipulate particles in order to create the reality experience from which the structure of our world results. At this level, consciousness makes the existence of its first life in matter, on the physical plane.

    ➤ In the medium reality, consciousness uses lucid dreams to manipulate the energy at the base of matter and thus create the experience of reality in the degree of matter-energy. At this level, consciousness makes the existence of the in-between of its lives both in the matter in the waking state and in the energy in the state of sleep during its dreams. It is thus halfway between the physical plane and the paraphysical plane.

    ➤ In the high reality, consciousness uses astral projection to manipulate energy and its forms/reality by thought. It thus creates the experience of reality in the degree of energy. At this level, consciousness makes the existence of its second life in the energy of vibratory planes on the paraphysical plane.

The accomplishment of the reality experience

Whether it is the low, medium or high reality, the process (the interaction of the 4 elements) as well as the protocol in order to accomplish the experience of reality do not change. Only the means of access to this reality changes. Thus, the access to the low reality is done through our carnal envelopes, the medium reality through the lucid dream and so, the high reality, by the astral projection. From there, the Shandarian experience protocol of reality is as follows:

    Phase I: Enter the experimental field

    Phase II: Observe the reality/environment in which we are located

    Phase III: Set the intention either by thought, or through EB in full consciousness to create the experience

    Phase IV: Live the experience created by staying in the momentum.

    Phase V: Take a break to assimilate the experience and focus on yourself.

    Phase VI: Exit from the experimental field

The accomplishment of the reality experience forms a cyclic sequence in which phases III, IV and V are repeated according to our abilities and the time we have to do it.

Sense given to the reality experience

The experiences have only the meaning that we give them from the perception and understanding we have of them. If our perception and understanding of the experience is correct, then we give it a proper meaning and we progress on the way of Shandarian. Because we are aligned with ourselves and our Moira. On the other hand, if our perception and understanding are incorrect, then the meaning given will be incorrect too! We then mislead ourselves and we do not progress further. Instead we stagnate, we turn in circles or regresses depending on the case. So, to obtain a correct meaning to give to our experiences of reality, it is necessary to be in the momentum (the present moment) as well as to be in a state of full consciousness (lucidity) during the experience. Finally, we must also use our logical mind by disregarding our beliefs, values, emotions, desires, preconceived ideas and value judgments good or bad. It's only from here that we are able to have a fair and adapted perception and understanding of the experience. From there, we can give it a correct meaning and move forward on the way of Shandarian.

Important : There is no fundamentally positive or negative experience for a Shandarian. Because all the experiences of reality that we make are useful to us. They have something to teach us, even those that are painful and terrifying have a teaching to deliver us. In this sense, it's indeed through experience and its full understanding that comes true knowledge of things, regardless of their forms and their hardships to live. However, when we learn nothing, the experiences are repeated until we have learned the lesson and we change. So, we can finally move to the next step on the way of Shandarian.







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