Good to know: The rites and ceremonies (Τελετές) are the function Λ3. Their execution allows the Shandarian to go from quantum state (Q1) to other quantum state (Q2) in order that he continues to progress in the completion of his/her Moira. The Shandarian rite is a set of thought, energy and act codified according to the mindset and principles of shandarism. Which act directly on the unconscious and vibratory state of the shandarian who receives the rite. However, these rites do not have a divine, holy or sacred character for the simple reason that God, holiness and sacredness do not exist among the Shandarians.

The original rite

The original rite also called « the great rite »is a ritual whose content, meaning and fulfillment is only known to initiates, shandarians. In other words, it's a secret rite. But it's also from the latter that all the other Shandarian rites are born. Hence the name of «original rite ». The original rite is in this sense the rite-mother from which emerges 4 groups of rites that replaces the 22 rites of ancient Shandarism. These 4 ritual groups are the rites of initiation, the rites of life, the rites of power and the rites of energy.

The rites of initiation and power are linked to the lifeforce (Δύναμη της ζωής) whereas the rites of life and energy are linked to its receptacle of life (Δοχείο της ζωής) which is the biological envelope.

Structure and engagement of the shandarian rites

All Shandarian rites have the same structure, which is based on four elements, including:

The space-time (Χωροχρόνου) corresponds to the place of fulfillment of the rite. It's the center of energy that is oriented not towards one of the four cardinal points, but towards space and stars and connected with other vibratory planes. In this sense, the energy center is a gateway to an elsewhere, a beyond that is only known to the shandarians.

The object (Αντικείμενο) is the instrument used to perform various operations during the rite. Hence every object present in space-time has a function, a reason for being in the Shandarian rite. Nothing is random.

The operator (Χειριστής) is the Shandarian performing the rite through her body and the life force composing her spirit. The operator here is the hostess.

The protocol (Πρωτόκολλο) is the codification of the psychic, energetic and physical operations creating the ritual. In the Shandarian ritual, each thought, movement and action has a function, meaning, and precise symbolism to achieve the purpose of the said ritual.

From there, Shandarian rites are engaged on specific dates of temporal tables. That's to say the solar and lunar calendar. But also at specific times when the fulfillment of the rite does not depend on the calendars. This is particularly the case for the rites of life. Keep in mind that Shandarian rites follow only the principles of Shandarism and not any spiritual, philosophical, occult or magical tradition. However, there are some commonalities found here and there between Shandarian rites and non-Shandarian spiritual, magical and occult practices.

The 3 forms of ritual communication

The fulfillment of Shandarian rites can occur in 3 different forms of ritual communication that are:

  • The telepathic rites said «silencer» are as their names indicate practiced by the communication of thought, so in silence.
  • The non-telepathic rites said «vocal» are practiced by the use of the verb. In other words, by the word.
  • The mixed rites are practiced by alternating telepathic and vocal communication.

One or other of these 3 forms is used depending on the level of Shandarian consciousness. Telepathic rites for high consciousnesses, mixed rites for medium consciousness and non-telepathic rites for low consciousness.

I. Rites of initiation (Τελετή της μύησης)

They are as their names indicate it, initiations allowing the passage of consciousness to an upper level. These initiations can only take place twice a year, which is at the time of the spring equinox, during which time we enter in a new planetary cycle. This is the main period. Then at the moment during the celebration of the harvest during the other equinox. This period creates an opening to welcome new consciousnesses, energies and bodies in the circle.

There are 4 degrees of initiation corresponding to the level of consciousness on the way of Shandarian way:

Initiation Level of Passage
The initial threshold Newcomer > Low consciousness (B10)
The second threshold Low consciousness (B30) > Medium consciousness (B40)
The 3rd threshold Medium consciousness (B70) > High Consciousness (B80)

In accomplishing these rites, the protocol remains the same, only the content of the initiatory experience changes. The shandarian initiations are always practiced naked. This will remind to some connoisseurs the wiccan practices.

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II. Rites of life (Τελετή της ζωης)

These are ceremonies that mark Shandarian's biological life stages in materiality. They are the equivalent to the traditional birth, maturation, fertility, and death rituals.

The Rite of assimilation (Τελετή της αφομοίωσης) consists in welcoming and assimilating into our collective consciousness, a new consciousness implanted (incarnated) in the matter (human body) that has just emerged from its 9 months of incubation.

The rite of maturation (Τελετή της ωρίμανσης) is the rite of passage from adolescence to adult life. In this way, the Shandarian takes full possession of his/her psychic and biological abilities.

The Rite of Fertility (Τελετή της γονιμότητας) is for the Shandarian girl or woman to take control of her own fertility and as well as her successive menstrual cycles.

The Rite of Alliance (Τελετή της συμμαχίας) is to unite on an energetic and vibratory level between 2 shandarians who is the equivalent of marriage. There are two types of union which are temporary unions and permanent unions.

The rite of transfer (Τελετή της μεταφοράς) consists in transferring and accompanying the consciousness and its lifeforce towards its next destination on the paraphysical plane (the beyond, life after death), as well as restoring the corpse to the universe on the physical plane.

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III. Rites of Power (Τελετή της εξουσίας)

Also called « secret ceremonies » are ritual intended to give, increase limit or remove psi power to a Shandarian or non-Shandarian by connecting his unconscious on certain vibratory planes. But also to channel and use the energies of the egregores through collective thinking. These rituals are very close to the occult practices of magic and witchcraft. In Shandarism, there are four great rites of power that are:

  • The rite of endowment and bridging (Τελετή της προικοδότησης και χαλινάρια).
  • The rite of creation and destruction (Τελετή της δημιουργίας και καταστροφής)
  • The rite of taking and giving (Τελετή της κατάσχεσης και εκποιηθείς)
  • The rite of connection and disconnection (Τελετή της σύνδεσης και αποσύνδεσης).

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IV. Rites of energy (Τελετη της ενεργειας)

The rites of energy are special ceremonies that aim to channel and master the sexual act and energy of the Shandarian so that he/she can better use it. There are 6 rites of sexual energy that are:

    1) The Enarxis (Έναρξης) - the sexual initiation

    2) The Taxidi (Ταξίδι) - the exploration and control of the body senses

    3) The Kallipygos (Καλλίπυγος) - the liberation and channeling of sexual energies. 

    4) The Anagénnisi (Αναγέννηση) - the renewal of male and female sexual energies.

    5) The Gennisi (Γέννηση) - the cult of procreation

    6) The Aphrodisia (Αφροδίσια)  - the closure of the old and the opening of a new sexual cycle.

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Important : The rites of energy are an optional practice, so not obligatory and which remains to the personal choice of each and everyone. If you are Shandarian, listen your intuition and don't do it if you don't feel it. Finally, know that the assembly cannot judge you or condemn you under the pretext of not having participated in the rites of energy. These rites are actually very particular and require a good dose of self-confidence as well as being comfortable with nudity and sex. Rites of energy are not made for everyone.







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