What is the seal of Secrecy?

The Seal of Secrecy (Σφραγίδα της μυστικης) is a Shandarian principle that prohibits Shandarians from revealing to the non-initiates, and thus to non-Shandarians, the four dimensions of Shandarism that are space, time, matter, and energy. This seal is divided into 4 seals, one for each of the 4 dimensions:

  • Seal 1 and 2: Space and time are the energy centers
  • Seal 3: Matter is the biological collective, the circle, identity of its members
  • Seal 4: Energy is the collective consciousness, its memory and information, its action

These 4 seals are represented by the following symbol:

In the upper left corner, the seal of space (χώρος) with the letter Xi (Khi) and on the right, seal of time (Ωρα) with the letter Ωμέγα (Omega). In lower left, the seal of energy (Ενέργεια) with the letter Eψιλον (Epsilon) and on the right, seal of matter (Υλης) with the letter Υψιλον (Ypsilon). In the center the flame of eternity, symbol of Shandaria.

Respecting the seal of secrecy is a duty

There are 4 fundamental duties for the Shandarian that are presence, action, dissemination and preservation. The 4th fundamental duty consists in preserving Shandarism, its space-time continuum, its energy-matter actum as well as all the contained information and reality. To do this, there are different ways used including one of them which is the seal of secrecy.

By applying the seal of secrecy, the Shandarian only follows and respects his fundamental duties. Especially the 4th in this specific case.

Applying the seal of secrecy

Depending on whether one is at low, medium or high consciousness, there are different ways and manners to apply the seal of secrecy:

Degree of Consciousness Way used
Low consciousness -Concealing his/her Shandarian identity
-Practice of silence (verbal, written and mental)
-Locking of mind (Protection against mind intrusion)
Medium consciousness -Tricks, illusion and subterfuge
High Consciousness -Mind control of the antagonists
-Practice of forgetting
-Dissociation, Astral projection







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