To know: Shandarian hygienism (Υγιεινισμος) is a set of code, rules and sanitary laws to put into practice to maintain functional the body and mind. The objective is to be in physical and mental condition to practice Shandarism, and thus to be able to follow and progress on the way of the Shandarian to accomplish our Moira. Finally, it is important to know that in Shandarism, hygiene is complementary to self-control. Because there is no control of body and mind possible without good hygiene before.

Hygienism has a triple function

In Shandarian lifestyle and practice, hygienism has a triple function which are sanitary, psychological and social

➤ In its sanitary function, hygienism is the means, the instrument used to stay healthy and therefore be able to fully perform our Moira on this plan of reality through our biological envelope.

➤ In its psychological function, hygienism maintains a clean picture and therefore positive image of oneself. This has the effect of maintaining a positive self-esteem. A person with a positive self-image/esteem will be better for the others, the universe and itself. Now if on the contrary, this person has a negative self-image/esteem, he/she will bring little or no value to others and to the universe.

➤ In its social function, hygienism is the means to maintain a clean condition of body and mind necessary for life society. A clean and washed person is attractive and physically sociable. Conversely, a dirty and stinking person is repellent and physically unsociable because of his/her appearance and smell, but also the potentially infectious risk that he/she carries because of his/her lack of hygiene.

Shandarian hygienism is based on 2 forms of hygiene complementary to each other which are the biological hygiene and the psychical hygiene.

A. Biological hygiene (Βιολογική Υγιεινή)

Biological hygiene includes 6 basic exercises. These exercises do not change no matter whether you are low, medium or high consciousness.

    I. The first exercise is the cleansing of the body (Καθαρισμός του σώματος) with the practice of the shower and bath.

    II. The second exercise is breathing (Κοιλιακή αναπνοή) in order to obtain all the necessary respiratory amplitude. This exercise will remind to some people the practice of yoga.

    III. The third exercise is nutrition (Διατροφή) with healthy and natural foods consumed in a balanced way. No junk food and industrial product too sweet, too fat and stuffed with chemicals dangerous for health.

    IV. The fourth exercise is physical activity (Φυσική Δραστηριότητα) with the practice of postures, flexibility, aerobics and anaerobics.

    V. The fifth exercise is sleeping (Υπνος). In other words sleep well, but also know how to relax and regenerate our body.

    VI. The sixth and final exercise is sexual hygiene (Σεξουαλική Υγιεινή) with the hygiene of the reproductive system as well as menstrual hygiene for Shandarian women.

B. Psychical hygiene (Ψυχική Υγιεινή)

Psychical hygiene consists in nourishing and maintaining one's vital energy as well as one's thoughts and emotions in order to be able to experience reality. To do this, the Shandarian has 3 types of exercises to perform which are psychical eating, energy cleaning and mental relaxation.

    I. Psychical nutrition (Ψυχικό φαγητό) is the nourishment of the Shandarian's mind. Depending on whether the latter is low, medium or high consciousness, this diet will change form to adapt to His/her energy needs. The light (1), the energy of the cosmos and the sexual energy.

    II. The energetic cleansing (Ενεργειακή Καθαρισμός) is the action of cleaning all discordant presence and energy traces present in the energy structure of the Shandarian through magnetic passes made on his/her own body. This in order that the latter conserves his/her full vitality in the accomplishment of his/her Moira.

    III. Mental relaxation (Ψυχική χαλάρωση) is the action of relaxing the Shandarian mind in a state of mental rest to maintain the energy and psychic balance necessary for the physiology of the latter. But also eliminate unnecessary internal pressures and stresses. This is to prevent the materialization of diseases in the body. Remembering that the disease is first declared in the fields of vital energy before materializing in the carnal envelope.

(1) Light only nourishes the mind and its vital energy. It does not nourish the physical body. In this sense, Shandarism rejects the idea of the respirianism or pranism that the physical body is nourished by light. The only thing the light will produce is the synthesis of vitamin D and nothing else.






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