Good to know: The unification (Ενοποίηση) is the function Λ2. Its execution allows to regenerate the consciousness passing the latter from an energetic state (E-) to an energetic state (E+). That's to say from a state of discharged to that of charged in order to have all the energy necessary to continue to do what he/she has to do. In this sense, unification makes it possible to regenerate our life force on the vibratory and invisible plane by (re)connecting to the life source of the cosmos and its light. We can thus have all the vital energy necessary for our progression on the way of the shandarian.

What is unification?

Worship and prayer do not exist in Shandarian practices. On the other hand, there is unification (Ενοποίηση). It is a collective mental exercise practiced in assembly once a week. Exercise that consists of unifying all the consciences of the shandarians present in a single collective consciousness also called an egregore. From the outside, it looks like a collective meditation as can be seen in some Ashram or Buddhist Temple. However, we must avoid relying on appearances. Because even within the collective consciousness, psychic and energetic activity are very intense and strongly animated. Unification works on the principle of mental fusion. It's from an exercise of collective concentration and visualization that the flow of energy and information of each unifier converge towards each other to connect and merge. The Shandarian collective consciousness is thus formed.

The unification has several effects on the consciousness of each unifiers including:

  • It widens the field of consciousness
  • It raises the vibratory level of consciousness
  • It resources the vital energy of consciousness
  • It allows the learning of Shandarian mindset & the acquisition of knowledge
  • It triggers self-healing processes

The service of the unification is directed by a hostess called «the voice of shandaria» (Η φωνή της Χανδάριας).

The different types of unification

Depending on whether one is at the low, medium or high consciousness level, unification declines in several forms to adapt to the vibratory level of the initiate. Thus, one finds at the base the unification of the origins used by the low consciences. Then this unification of origins will be declined into 6 other forms of unification which are the remote unification, the fusional unification, the fluidic unification, the stellar unification, the dimensional unification and the cosmic unification. Which gives us:

    ➤ Low Consciousness uses in addition to the unification of origins, the first 2 declinations which are Remote Unification and Fusional Unification.

    ➤ Medium Consciousness uses the 2 following declinations which are the Fluidic Unification and the Stellar Unification.

    ➤ High Consciousness uses the last two declinations which are Dimensional Unification and Cosmic Unification.

But these 6 declinations of unification are also degrees of relationship between the Shandarian and the cosmos.

Thus, for low consciousnesses, remote unification is a relationship between shandarians located in different time-spaces (geographical area). While fusional unification is its opposite. That's to say, a relationship between the shandarians located in the same space-time.

For medium consciousnesses, fluidic unification is a relationship between the shandarians and the states of matter and energy of the universe. While stellar unification is a relationship between shandarians and stellar bodies, resulting from the previous states of matter and energy.

For high consciousness, dimensional unification is a relationship between the shandarians and the dimensions of the cosmos containing the stellar bodies as well as their vibratory frequencies. While the cosmic unification is a relationship between the shandarians and the whole of the universe, the cosmos in its entirety.

Degrees of relationship through which the Shandarian will be able to regenerate his lifeforce, or even increase his vibratory and psychic power in some cases.

The energy center, the place of unification

The Shandarian unifications are not made on sacred places such as temples or churches, but on centers of psychic and telluric energy (Ενέργεια) connecting the Shandarian with other vibratory planes of the cosmos. These centers of energy are not oriented towards one of the four cardinal points (North-South, East-West), but directly towards the space with its stars and galaxies. In this way, it constitutes a vortex and an access door on the cosmos and its invisible planes. So its function is to serve as:

  • Reserve of storage for vital and mental energy
  • Source of regeneration of consciousness
  • Gate making the connection between consciousness and the universe
  • Mental Communication Center

According to the number of shandarian present, the center of energy takes several names.

Number of Shandarian Energy Center
3 to 10 unifiers Quorum (Απαρτία)
11 to 100 unifiers Hive (Κυψέλη)
More than 100 unifiers Swarm (Σμήνος)

Short-term and long-term energy centers

There are 2 types of energy center defined according to their duration of use. These 2 types are the short-term and long-term energy centers. Energy centers for a medium-term period do not exist.

The short-term energy centers called «Center Beta» ranging from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 48 hours maximum. These centers are generally generated in the wilderness on isolated places from all human contacts. They do not have fixed constructions and are simple circle drawn on the ground with around shandarian flags and tiki torches. Which are removed and the circle completely erased 48 hours later after end of use. The beta centers are especially dedicated to the fulfillment of rites of initiation, power or energy as well as for the celebration of Solstice and Equinox Harvest Day.

The long-term energy centers called «Center Alpha » ranging from a minimum of 1 year to several tens or hundreds of years. Long-term energy centers have a more complex structure than short-term ones and have fixed constructions. They are usually located in the basement or cellar of a pavilion known as the Grand Chamber Domatio (Δομáτιο).

Center Beta

Center Alpha

At the assembly for unification, male and female shandarians gather in a circle around a spiral (Σπείρα) on which rests, is stored and circulates psychic and telluric energy. In its visible sense, this spiral represents our galaxy - the Milky Way - which can be replaced by a painting and sculpture of this one. But the spiral also represents in its invisible, hidden and occult sense the presence and action of the life force in its centripetal and centrifugal movement. Movement forming a vortex that opens a channel of communication between consciousness, the cosmos and its dimensions.

Access to the energy center is reserved for initiates only, non-initiates (non-shandarians) do not have the right of access unless they have been called for their initiations.

Important:The sacred and the profane do not exist in Shandarism, even if we know its definition and meaning. Instead, we speak of open vibratory field (for the initiate) and closed vibratory field (for the uninitiated). Therefore, energy centers are not sacred, but only closed vibratory fields for non-shandarians.







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