You can suggest your website or Blog link to our webmaster. To do this, please read the conditions of acceptances and procedure to submit your website or blog.

I. Conditions of acceptance

    ➤ Your site/blog must be in English and/or in Greek, French, Russian.

    ➤ Your site/blog must be complete, site under construction are exclude

    ➤ Your site/blog must be in relation with Shandarian activities (Astronomy and space, parapsychology, human anatomy & physiology, genetics, sexuality)

    ➤ A Reciprocal Link is required. (If there is no reciprocal link placed, your website will be erased of this site)

II. Sites/Blogs Strictly Prohibited

  • Pornographic sites or adult oriented advertisements
  • Online gambling, alcohol sales, Online pharmacy
  • Hatred or crim apology web and blog
  • Illegal material and service,warez,pirated software
  • Money fast schemes, chain letters, pyramid schemes, ponzi, HYIP
  • Link Farm, affiliation and/or mirror sites

III. Suggestion of Sites/Blogs

To suggest one or several sites/Blog, please feel free to contact our webmaster by indicating the url address of your site. Our Webmaster will visit your website/blog soon and will decide to add it or not.

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