Shandarism has 2 definitions. One for non-shandarians, the non-initiates and the other for the initiates, Shandarians.

For the non-initiates, Shandarism is a system of thought founded by J. Shandar based on the knowledge of the cosmos, experience of reality, mastery of body and mind as well as powers of mind.

For initiates, Shandarism's definition is a little more complex to understand. So, Shandarism (Χανδαρια) is the system of energy and reality founded by James Shandar. It combines consciousness, memory and biology in a natural and artificial way while integrating and using space, time, energy and matter of the dimensions. In this sense, it is a system of reality and energy animated and controlled by a collective consciousness and intelligence (Egregore) and expressed through the action of its biological vectors (Human Bodies) located in a dimensional sequence (Planet Earth/Astral planes).

All the data and information composing this system of reality is grouped under the name of Shandarian Cosmology. The set of rules, codes and principles regulating the presence, behavior and activity of biological vectors in this system of reality form the Shandarian culture. Finally, the application of culture and its codes by these same biological vectors forms the practice incarnated in Shandarian lifestyle.

In its operation, Shandarian cosmology constitutes a memory. When this memory is transmitted to the different compartments of the collective consciousness, it becomes «knowledge», the Shandarian knowledge. Then when this knowledge is integrated into the mental processes of these compartments/biological vectors, it becomes «thought», the Shandarian thought. At last, when this thought is applied according to the Shandarian culture and its codes, it becomes «practice», the Shandarian practice.

Shandarism is symbolized by the life energy declining and presenting in different forms (fire/light/plasma) according to the level of consciousness and reality in which you are located.








Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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