I. Who are you founder?

If I were to define who I am, my identity, I will say that:

  • I am Shandarian, I am consciousness, knowledge, intelligence, energy and power
  • I am a creator of reality and life, I create reality and life.
  • I am immortal, eternal and indestructible (at least my life force, not my biology)
  • I am the master of the spirits

II. What are your beliefs, founder?

I believe in myself and in what I do. Without this belief and self-confidence, you can not do anything, you are in failure mode.

I believe that I am the only master of my destiny, I do not let anything or anyone tell me what I should be, do or have.

I believe there is no limit to what I can be, do or have.

I believe in the power of the mind over reality (physical and paraphysical), people, things and events.

I believe in the existence of a lifeforce, egregores, their influences as well as the consciousness of the universe.

I believe we live in an abundant world of resources, unlimited possibilities and infinite space.

I believe that the cosmos is the supreme authority.

III. What are your values, what is important to you?

The first of all my values ​​is health. Because without good health, nothing can be done. For me health and by extension the slowing down of aging to have more time are essentials

The second of my values ​​is money. Because without money one cannot provide for one's basic needs. Without money, you cannot have social life or be able to realize your projects, your mission of life. That's why money is important to me.

The third of my values ​​is energy, power. Energy and power is a fundamental value for me, because it gives me the strength to live, to face and overcome obstacles and adversity. But also the power to move forward, progress and improve on my life path.

The fourth of my values ​​is knowledge, science. Without knowledge, we remain in ignorance, idiocy and poverty in all areas of our lives. That's why knowledge, but also education, which is the way to access this knowledge, is very important to me.

The fifth of my values ​​is intelligence. Thinking with clairvoyance in the various situations of life avoids creating useless problems, but also to be able to better understand things and thus to access opportunities that we would not have access because of the misunderstanding and stupidity.

The sixth of my values ​​is lucidity. Getting lucidity allows me to be in a state of clairvoyance, of full consciousness, to be able to read between the lines to go beyond the illusion. To see and foresee the things happened in order to prepare myself either to receive them when they are beneficial to me, to avoid them or to counter them when they are deleterious to me. In other words, be proactive instead of reactive.

The seventh of my values ​​is the power of the mind. For me, the powers of the mind are fundamental. Because they are instruments of conscience that allow me to better understand, master, communicate and interact with my environment and its entities to a higher degree of consciousness.

IV. What are your principles of life?

1) A GLOBAL & LONG-TERM VISION: Having a vision and objectives on the very long term, declining in the short and medium term. But also having a vision and goals that inspires me, that I love, that gives me energy.

2) THE DOMINATION OF MY MENTAL SPACE: Being the lord and master of my own psychic and energetic space. That's to say to remain in the control of my thoughts, my emotions and my energy. But also to decide who should enter and who should not enter my mental space. All persons, spirits or entities that enter it are subject to my laws and my will.

3) CONSERVATION OF MY POWER: Preserve and maintain my strength, my power and my greatness in all circumstances. Never let humans, spirits, entities or other weaken or manipulate my power.

4) THE POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT: Rub and surround myself only humans, minds and entities of quality in adequacy with what I am, think and do. But also with those who already have what I want to be, have and do.

5) UNIVERSAL THOUGHT: Thinking on the scale of the universe and seeing things in a global vision on the very long term. What some non-shandarians call «think big».

6) ERUDITION: Educate myself to better understand and progress in what I am, what I have and what I do. Acquire advanced knowledge at the forefront of the areas I need to be, have and do.

7) RESOURCES: Having all the necessary resources to be, do and have in an access without any limitation.

8) THE POWER OF INFLUENCE: Being able to influence others without being influenced by them.

9) IMPLEMENTATION: Take action in a proper and disciplined way, work intelligently to attract my objectives to me. Remaining in the clairvoyance and the perseverance and not in the blindness and obstinacy.

10) THE RESEARCH OF EXCELLENCE: Always aim for excellence without falling into perfectionism. Stay in the requirement of the quality of things. Never be satisfied with mediocrity.

11) PERPETUAL EVOLUTION: Always progress, go further, go higher step by step without any limit. Never be satisfied with what I have. Always ask better, because I'm worth it.

V. What are your living standards?

HEALTH: Always stay in top health, maintain a strong immune system and resilient, but also slow down my natural aging without deleterious effects.

MONEY: Always have money aside as well as recurring income to meet my basic needs. But also having and developing a good financial education and psychology in order to invest, manage and protect with knowledge, intelligence and foresight my money. Which avoids ruin and going to sleep under bridges.

RELATIONSHIPS: Being with people who respect me and whom I respect and whose vision and values ​​we share. Being with people who spend their time complaining, criticizing and belittling others does not interest me.

WORK: Being and staying financially independent, not depending on a boss or working for a company/salary system that does not suit me.

LOVE: I love white young women, tall, beautiful, thin, smart and sophisticated.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Being and staying in warm, desert, spacious and sunny places.

CONSCIOUSNESS (SPIRITUALITY): Being in full capacity, energy and consciousness of my psi powers. Being in the knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of the cosmos.

VI. What is your Why, why do you do what you do?

I will say that I am doing what I am doing to accomplish my moira, my mission of life. That's why i am incarnated in the matter and its forms by developing my value, my knowledge and my skills. I am incarnated to bring and develop Shandarism. All the experiences that I have lived and the encounters I have made from my childhood until today point in this direction and culmination.








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