The Founder of Shandarism

James Shandar is the founding father, creator and architect of Shandarism and the first of all Shandarians. He is the one who is at the origin. But he is also a researcher and experiencer in the powers of thought and has made several paranormal experiences when he was younger. Everything began with existential questions that the founder had about the purpose and sense of life. In search of an answer, he studied many Eastern and Western religions, spiritualities and philosophies as well as esotericism, magic and occultism. But he found in religions only bigotry, falsehood, fear, hatred and hypocrisy. When to esotericism, magic and occultism, a lot of superstition and false beliefs that was not representative of reality. Having obtained nothing satisfactory, he decided to find the answers by himself. Pushed by a spirit of pioneering and conquest, he explored new ways through experimentation and observation of reality. One by one, his experiences and discoveries led him to the synthesis of a new form of thought that was called Shandarism.

Position of the Founder

In traditions, philosophies and religions, the founders are put forward and hold a central place. For example: Buddha and his teaching for Buddhism, Christ for Christianity, etc. But in Shandarism, it is quite the contrary! Because the founder is himself and completely «melted» in Shandarism! In other words, although he is the first of all Shandarians, he remains a Shandarian among the others. This disposition avoids personality cult, egocentrism and despotism in order to leave to other Shandarians the free field to progress in the accomplishment of their Moiras. But this disposition also avoids a too strong psychological hold which would inevitably block the other shandarians in the evolution, the expression and the development of their levels of consciousness and energy. We are therefore completely the opposite of a cult guru.

Consideration of the Founder

So, in the light of what has just been said above, if we observe things as they are, we can see that the founder is nothing else than a projection of the universal consciousness into a biological envelope like any other form of life in the universe. One can also observe that on a biological plane, the founder must eat, regenerate his body and have physical activity. Finally, like any people, he's getting older and is mortal. So there is no difference between the founder and other living things on this planet. Absolutely nothing except his memory containing his personal experiences, his thought, his accomplishment as well as his DNA code. Which means that the founder is not a supernatural or magical being. But an intelligent lifeform, an entity among many others present and evolving through space and time. So, the only thing that differentiates him from other life forms is his achievements. Of which the most important and monumental of all: the creation of Shandarism.

In this perspective, he can not be considered a great master, a guru, a prophet, a messiah, a saint or a demigod, but only as the creator, founder and architect of Shandarism.

  • As creator, he created Shandarism
  • As architect, he conceptualized Shandarism and its structures
  • As founder, he founded the Brotherhood

In this way, J. Shandar is not worshiped and no cults of the personality are dedicated to him. Only a recall to memory of his image, his work and his spirit with the words «In his Name» are pronounced on March 11 of each year during the Advent day. This is to thank him for bringing Shandarian thought to us.

Relationship with the Founder

So even if he is not a guru, a prophet or a messiah, there is still a fundamental mistake to avoid. This mistake is to place the founder on a pedestal or idealize him. Because the day you will see, read or hear something about him that doesn't match with the image you had made, you will be flabbergasted. The reality is that despite his high level of consciousness and knowledge, he can go off the rails, getting into black fury. Moreover, the founder is not a saint, and even less a model of morality or virtue. Besides, he has already said it himself without complex or shame.

Depending on whether one is at the low, medium or high consciousness level, the perception and relationship with the founder changes

    ➤ If you are at the level of low consciousness or non-shandarian, He is referred as the "founder", the natural person. This relationship corresponds to the reality of matter, the physical world.

    ➤ If you are at the level of medium consciousness, He is referred as « Shandar ». That's to say, the energetic entity that uses this biological envelope and is called « Shandar ». This relationship corresponds to the reality of matter-energy, the world at once physical and energetic, astral.

    ➤ If you are in the degree of high consciousness, He is referred as «the energy of Shandar» or «the spirit of Shandar (Το Πνεύμα του Χανδάρού)». That's to say, the energy, the consciousness, the spirit or the founding soul of Shandarism. In this sense, one say: « May Spirit of Shandar be with you» which is the Shandarian equivalent of « May peace be with you» . This relationship corresponds to the reality of energy, the astral.

To know: The only successor of the founder is our egregore, the Shandarian collective Consciousness. No Shandarian can claim to be the successor of the Founder individually. Non-Shandarian also are excluded from such claims. Anyone claiming to be the successor of the founder commits an intellectual swindle and falsification. The collective consciousness is the only one and sole successor to the Founder. There are no others.






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