The work of the Founder

The work of the Founder, also called the work of Shandar, is nothing else than his creation, Shandarism. The latter has multiple aspect both informational, dimensional and energetic synthesized by its building, the edifice of Shandaria.

    ➤ In its informational aspect, the founder's work is a memory that stocks all his knowledge, but is also transmitted to our group of consciousness and consciousness of group, the collective consciousness of the Shandarians.

    ➤ In its dimensional aspect, the founder's work is a dimension of consciousness on the paraphysical plane (astral world) and of space on the physical plane (material world).

    ➤ In its energetic aspect, the work of the founder is our egregore/collective consciousness, its energy and its lifeforce diffusing and infusing into its biological vectors that are the shandarians.

Thus, the work of the founder can be summed up in 3 words: 1 memory, 1 dimension, 1 energy.

However, the work of the founder is not considered as a sacred and untouchable creation before which one would be in adoration, because the sacred does not exist in the shandarian reality. Remember that adoration is one of the 7 forbidden practices of shandarism. In this way, Shandar's work is considered rather as valuable and of paramount importance to all Shandarians. Of paramount importance, because without the knowledge of Shandaria's memory the Shandarians would find themselves in ignorance and the blindness of illusions. They would no longer be able to accomplish their Moira or progress on the Shandarian path. So, they would be condemned to become weak, stupid and defenseless beings at the mercy of the first predator to come. Hence the interest of viewing the work of Shandar as precious and essential in order to preserve it.

Note: Only enlightened minds and higher intelligences can perceive the full potential and real power of Shandarism. As for limited minds and enclosed in their low levels of knowledge, consciousness and intelligence, they will perceive in Shandarism only stupidity and ineptitude.

The conservation of the work

In order to continue to exist, it is imperative that the work of the founder be preserved. However, a static and fixed conservation would make Shandarism obsolete and useless in the centuries to come. For a Shandarian, what is no longer useful has no longer reason to exist and disappears sooner or later. In other words, by a static conservation, Shandarism would be condemned to disappear and with it all the work and the inheritance of the founder. For this reason, this preservation must not be a static conservation as the maintenance of a museum piece, but a dynamic and evolutive conservation. That's to say, preserve the work of the founder by improving and correcting it with updates. This in order to adapt Shandarism to our conscientious, technological and scientific evolution through space and time. Where Shandarism will ensure its existential continuity by its utility, but also by its ability to adapt, resilience and survival for centuries and millennia to come.

To know: The official and legitimate depositary, conservative and guardian of the Founder's work is our egregore, the collective consciousness existing and acting on this plane of reality through its biological vectors (the shandarians).

No other entities, whether natural or artificial, can claim a such function.

The Founder's legacy

The founder's legacy is nothing else than Shandarism itself. The latter has a visible and invisible side. In its visible side, it is a dynamic and progressive memory manifesting in the form of the Axia and Shandaria edifice. In its invisible side, It is the spirit, energy and strength of Shandar incarnating and reincarnating in our egregore, the Shandarian collective consciousness.

The sole and principal heiress of the founder is the collective conscience. It spreads its heritage through the action and expression of its biological vectors, the shandarians. Thus, the collective consciousness is at the same time a part of the inheritance (in its invisible side) and the heiress of the founder. But also its custodian and guardian through space and time. Shandarians can not be designated individual heirs. It is a collective and timeless legacy benefiting to the group and all its members. Egos, lusts and jealousies, but also research and power struggles have no place here.

Finally, no non-Shandarian can claim any right-holder over the founder's inheritance. This heritage is thus exclusive to the Shandarians and not transferable to an entity outside Shandarism.

It must be understood that in Shandarism everything is encrusted and fused as only one body. Everything works synergistically in a harmonic of memory, consciousness, matter and energy. Therefore, wanting to possess Shandarian knowledge and technology (that's to say, memory and matter) tantamount to owning Shandarism in all its entirety. This would de facto place the Shandarians and the collective consciousness under foreign domination. Unacceptable. Our collective consciousness remains sovereign and independent.

All this implies that non-shandarians, whether individuals or incorporated, can not appropriate the knowledge of Shandarism and the resulting technology, which is the legacy of the founder. Acting in this way would then be to go to war against the collective consciousness.






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