The Founder's Story

James Shandar is the founder of Shandarism and the first Shandarian. His childhood was marked by illness and death of the father. There or at the age of 6, he was taken to see him on his deathbed. This experience, so harsh and morbid for a child of this age, was for the founder an initiation of the universe whose purpose was to open his consciousness to other energies and realities. But also to prepare him for his true destiny as he will discover later. Without this psychologically strong initiatory experience during his childhood, he would never be interested in life after death, he would never work to develop his psi abilities and never shandarism would have emerged.

Later, he played with other children to the chieftain! A game, a simulation for exercise of power and psychic authority once adult. As a teenager, things have accelerated. He discovered old books from Paul C. Jagot about hypnosis, magnetism and telepsychia in the family library. It's by reading theses books and applying their contents that he has initiated himself into the powers of thought. His tests, exercises and practices have been for him a real training to develop his psi abilities. He began practicing self-hypnosis at 16 and hypnotized his first subject at 19. He also made his first astral projection one night at 17, but by that time, completely inexperienced, he did not know what it was. He thought he was going to die, he became frightened and the experience was immediately over. Although he lived several vibratory states (sign indicating the starting of astral projection) during years, it is only at the late, in his 38-40 years, that the founder really began the astral travel. Also remember that in his time, knowledge about the powers of mind were restricted to circles of initiates. Books, audio tapes and VHS about this topic was rare. Computers were overpriced and there was no internet for the general public yet. So, access to knowledge of mindpowers was very limited.

At the age of 20, in search of an existential answer, he studied many Eastern and Western religions, but also esotericism with Freemasonry, Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian. But over the years, having himself experienced bigotry and moral restrictions, he became aware of the intellectual brutalization and mental slavery that create religions and spiritualities. A realization one evening of prayer with his phrase « But what am I doing here?». He made the decision to say stop.

At 30, he finally slammed the door to religions and became an atheist.

The Founder then returned to what he had always known, the mind powers and restarted his experiences and observations. Pushed by a spirit of pioneering and conquest, he explored new ways through experimentation and observation of reality. One by one, his experiences and discoveries led him to synthesize a new form of thought that was called Shandarism.

Birth of Shandarism

All these youth experiences and his religious experience formed and prepared James Shandar for the creation of what would later be Shandarism and brotherhood. After synthesizing Shandarian thought, he asked himself a question: What will become of all this knowledge and experience if tomorrow I die? He had to transmit his knowledge and experience. Fate being on his side, he met a few times later 2 people who were also interested in the powers of thought and the paranormal. Links were created between them. One evening, they formed a circle to experiment telepathy and clairvoyance, and this is how the first Shandarian circle was formed, which would later become the Brotherhood.

Then, little by little, codes, ceremonies, initiations and Shandarian celebrations were put in place. The sharing of knowledge between them gave birth to Shandarian teachings. But over time, they all began to feel that there was a strength, an energy always present at each assemblies. But they did not know what had happened. One day, the founder was reading a book on occultism and found out what it was. In fact, they had formed with their collective thoughts and energies an egregore without even knowing it!

And that's how the Shandarian Collective Consciousness was created and Shandarism was born.

Destiny of the Founder

Today, with hindsight, it is more and more obvious that creating Shandarism was J. Shandar's destiny. Because when we look good, everything has been put in his path for this outcome. Each of the experiences of the Founder were a step towards the creation of Shandarism. The Founder never had a physical master to train him. But it may well be that superior, invisible, unknown forces played this role with this initiatory experience when he was six years old to open his mind. Then later, pushing the Founder to find and look at the books he needed in the library and then read them. This in order to educate him and train him to the powers of mind. Finally, inspire him to do all those experiments that were going to build the elements of Shandarism. When one puts all this end to end, this is become obvious. It's not a mystical delirium in the style « the chosen one», but of a simple observation made in full consciousness. The succession of past events in the life of the founder overlap too much to perfection to be mere coincidences. This followed a clever design. Now knowing who or what is behind this intelligent design is a mystery ...

Historical chronology

Childhood Death of father, initiation to death and life after death.
Teenage Years Learning powers of the mind, esotericism & occult sciences.
From 20 to 30 years old Experience of religion (considered as its era of misguidance and obscurantism).
At 30 years old Abandon from religion, atheism and return to the occult sciences.
30 to 40 years old Development, creation of Shandarism.
From 40 years old to today Elevation of consciousness, development of psi abilities.




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